Knowing more about the behaviour of email correspondence can be likened to taking stock of products in your inventory. Without facts and figures it’s hard to pin down any possible losses at all.

Emails are undoubtedly the preferred choice when it comes to communication in our internet-driven age, which means that if emails are going missing in your business, your profit line won’t look as healthy as it could, and should.

Anyone that’s looking for information about your company and the service you provide will choose email as the best form of communication, however, the question is how long they’re willing to wait around for a response.

Email response times, based on analytics and statistics provided by an online tool such as timetoreply™, will show you exactly where contacts are being lost, and will also have a positive impact on increasing your sales.

Great email response times lead to greater conversations, which means more effective communication with potential customers, and the bonus of earning a reputation for service excellence.

It’s been proven that the majority of buyers would rather do business with a company that offers excellent service, rather than those who don’t, even if the prices at company A are a bit higher than the one that takes too long to respond.

Do you know how many sales are lost as a result of lack of response at all? Do you know exactly how you could tailor the responses to increase contact rates?

Knowing exactly how many emails come through your company is essential for success and for the growth in sales.

timetoreply™ has been developed by a team of experts to drastically reduce email response times in every type of business, whether small, medium or large.

What kinds of statistics will you have at your fingertips in real-time using your online timetoreply™ dashboard?

From day one, you’ll know;

  • Every email that’s been received by your sales consultants
  • How long it takes for individual consultants to respond to emails
  • How long it takes to respond to emails addressed to group mailboxes
  • How many of these emails start an actual conversation with the customer
  • The flow of emails received during and outside of business hours
  • The quality of the email responses sent out from your consultants

Analytics on the timetoreply™ dashboard will allow you to compare the average overall timetoreply™ over a period of a day, a week or a month

With the statistics available, you’ll also be able to institute leaderboards, so that members of your sales team will be incentivised to reach new levels in terms of their email response times.

In short;

You have absolutely nothing to lose by contacting timetoreply™, signing up for your account, minus a credit card, and giving yourself the 7 day free trial to find out more about the real impact of fast email response times When you see what they can do to increase your turnover, saying yes will be a logical response!

The team at timetoreply™ stands by their own motto of speedy service, so if you have any further questions about how to make use of this awesome online tool, you can be absolutely sure that the response will be swift!


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