Timetoreply will completely turn your conversion to sales rates around, provided of course it is used as it was intended, which is to up the response times of your sales team to internet and email enquiries to such an extent that you will have tangible results within a very short space of time.

10 to 20 minutes is the most you can afford to take in responding to any lead coming in fresh to your team, this is just the reality of how short the lifespan is of a fresh lead in this highly competitive internet world of business, if your team is not ready to grab the ball and run with it immediately, someone else will have a team ready to take it from you, without a doubt.

Take control of exactly what is happening to internet leads coming in to your sales team with this innovative tool which will measure everything from how many leads are coming in, how many leads go to each specific member of your team, how quickly these enquiries were responded to and exactly what the quality of the interaction is between your staff and a potential client.

Tracking email enquiries into your business and creating an awareness in your team of just how vital a quick response really is also gives you an opportunity to set up an incentives or award based system with which to encourage a spirit of healthy competition in your team, which will only create positive changes to the conversion rates of leads to sales.

The timetoreply dashboard equips you with metrics which can be tailored to suit your goals, while the real-time statistics and analytics presented by timetoreply will give you the tools to focus on streamlining your approach in order to increase contact rates and create tangible results in boosting sales.  Responding to email or internet leads quickly also sends a clear message to clients that their contact is important to you, while the quality of that response will also help determine a positive outcome as your rankings go up for superb customer liaison and service.

Hook yourself up to a timetoreply package today and watch untold benefits unfold as you take your business to the next level in success.

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