In a world of instant messaging apps and social media platforms, it is easy to forget that email even exists. But according to a couple of studies, email marketing nets the highest return on investment – $44 earned on every $1 spent – for B2B strategies. The figures are astonishingly similar for B2C strategies, if not higher. Businesses must invest in email analytics tools to surpass the competition.
The more you know about the emails your organization sends and receives, the better. Email is crucial for improving customer service and sales, with both departments standing to benefit from tracking and interpreting results from key email marketing metrics. And it all starts by knowing your customer behavior.
What is Email Analytics and why your business needs it
We know that email marketing helps you attract customers and promote your products/services.
But what if you wanted to know what happens to those emails once they land on your customers’ inboxes? Questions like:
Open rate – Do they open the email?
Click-through rate – Do they click on the link(s) that you included in those emails?
Unsubscribe rate – Do they opt out from your mailing list?
Bounce Rate – How many emails got returned (soft bounce) or never got delivered (hard bounce)?
Conversion Rate – Did the email result in a successful call-to-action from the customer:
Read a post on your blog
fill a form,
request a quote,
make a purchase,
sign up for your events.
Geographical breakdown – What’s the email open rate by geographical location?
ROI – How cost-effective is your email campaign?
And more.
What is the best Email Analytics Software for Business Email?
To get the best value out of your email campaigns and measurable customer service tracking, you need email analytics for your business email.
And while there is not one comprehensive email management tool that does everything by itself, it pays to know which tool is suited for your end goals.
We will be listing down email management software in 3 broad categories to help you choose the best one for your needs. Here are they:
Email Opens and Engagement Tracking Tools
These tools help you learn and measure who opens and skips on reading your emails. They are essential if you want to figure out how to write/tweak the most customer-friendly subject lines or get rid of inactive subscribers.
Keep in mind though that the following tools do more than just track read receipts on emails. You can even see how many times they were forwarded or opened. With the help of link tracking, you can even measure user engagement with your emails.


Want to get unlimited email tracking and scheduling options for Gmail and Outlook? SalesHandy is a free email tracking tool that helps you increase productivity. It also helps you create and store email templates. If you want to take advantage of personalized emails, SalesHandy can do that as well.
Price: Free for Gmail | $9 per month Regular Plan for Outlook users


Mailtrack is another tool that tracks email opens. It is pretty popular because it works on mobile support, has a dashboard view that tracks all emails, and delivers critical information about user engagement at a glance. The only limitation is that MailTrack works only on Gmail.
Pricing – Free with Limited Features | $9.99 per month for Pro Tier


Want to get a look at your link-click rates, open rates, and more? MailTag does it all. It even serves up some automation features to make follow-ups automated.
Pricing – $9.99 per user per month | Free to try for 2 weeks

Email Tracking with Sales and Marketing Software
If you are looking for a more comprehensive marketing and sales software, but with email tracking and analytics features as a bonus, then you’re in luck.

Want to know how to write the most marketable subject lines, or get the most aesthetically pleasing email newsletter designs that reflect your brand? Mailchimp does these things alright, but it is also powerful email analytics and automation software all rolled not one. Do email A/B testing to optimize your email copy for high conversion rates, and more.
Pricing – Limited Free Plan | $9.99 per month

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight is different from other email management software. It is entirely focused on sales and runs entirely off your email inbox. Their secret sauce – more robust email analytics and tracking for managing sales. It also features support for email templates and attachment tracking. Cirrus supports Outlook and Gmail.
Pricing – Plans start at $27 per user per month

Versatile Email Analytics and Marketing Tools
There is no better way to measure and get information about email performance than by choosing the right email service provider. They offer an unprecedented level of email analytics that go beyond the rest.

Wouldn’t it be great if all that email analytics data could be presented in a visually satisfying way? EmailAnalytics does it – for your customers as well as your employee emails. You can find out the busiest email times, the most productive employees, and more. You can improve workflows by knowing the average email response time for both the sales and customer service teams.
Pricing – Free 14-day trial | Paid plans start at $5


Enhance the productivity of your customer and sales teams by getting periodic reports about their performance with timetoreply. With this tool, you can make unified team inboxes that enable all members of your team to collaborate and resolve issues as they happen. You won’t be in a position to leave important emails or customers waiting.
Pricing – Free 15-day trial | Plans start at $15 per mailbox per month

Knowing which tool or software is best for email analytics depends specifically on what kind of features your company needs to succeed. Thankfully, the flexible choices and prices on offer ensure that you get the biggest bang for your buck with email management software. Don’t miss out on them to transform your business process.

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