timetoreply™’s listing on Mimecaster Central points to even more efficient and secure email performance

Mimecast has recently listed timetoreply™ on its integration marketplace, Mimecaster Central. But what exactly is Mimecast and why are its services compatible with those of TTR? We’ll first explain the business of timetoreply™ and then get into the nuts and bolts of Mimecast and Mimecaster Central and how all of the pieces fit together.

timetoreply™ works with existing email addresses to provide analytics and data regarding the efficiency and reply times of sales agents and their email enquiries. One of Mimecast’s primary concerns is the protection of business email from external threats.  


What is Mimecast?

Mimecast is a fully-integrated subscription service that protects business email and delivers comprehensive email risk management. Mimecast utilizes archiving, cloud and continuity services to provide an always-on service. Mimecast’s cloud suite reduces the complexity of protecting an organization from various data risks and one can expect efficient protection from the following as a Mimecast customer:


  • Spear-phishing
  • Malware
  • Data leaks
  • Data losses
  • Downtime


Mimecast’s Email Security Solutions offer a critical form of defence against data loss and advanced threats using the following tactics:

  • Targeted threat protection
  • Spam and multi-layered malware protection
  • Secure messaging and encryption
  • Data leak prevention
  • Secure large file sharing


Why are TTR and Mimecast a good match?

timetoreply™ has recently integrated with Mimecast’s new API and also been listed on Mimecaster Central. Mimecaster Central is Mimecast’s integration marketplace and timetoreply™’s listing there reinforces the fully-integrated nature of Mimecast’s services and the business compatibility that exists between the two.


What does this mean for Mimecast customers?

The Mimecast customers that choose to use timetoreply™ do so securely with the extra benefit of being able to add new mailboxes quickly and easily with just a few clicks. Because of Mimecast’s new API being fully integrated with timetoreply™, Mimecast customers are  now able to measure their email response time performance and interpret those times accordingly to improve efficiency and drive sales.


View timetoreply™’s listing on Mimecaster Central or learn more about TTR’s email response time tracking services.


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