As a business, there is always a consistent train of thought surrounding customers. Customer appreciation emails are no different.

We think about how to get new ones, how to retain current customers, and how to make sure that your brand is always the first one that comes to mind.

Retention of a customer base; especially the ones who are on your mailing list, is key to business performance. If you are popping up every day on someone’s phone and they are not enjoying it; you will put them off like a bad smell. However, if they are benefiting from your emails, they will grow to like you and appreciate your company even more.

Here we are going to look at seven types of customer appreciation emails to keep them happy and keep them coming back.

1: Emails on Birthdays

This is probably one of the most common tricks of the trade when it comes to email marketing, simply because these are so easy to tailor to customers personally and specifically. With these birthday emails, you can offer money off or a free product based on what they are known to like, search for, or purchase. Similarly, you can tailor the email by personalising it with their name and they will immediately feel special because a company has gone out of its way to remember their birthday. This is an old one, but a tried and true method that should not be forgotten.

2: Anniversary & achievement emails

These ones are rarer, and many companies often skip them because they take a little bit more work and effort than the annual birthday email. Jessica Rose, a marketing writer at Last minute writing and Draft Beyond, commented that “Celebrate the anniversary of when a customer joined your rewards programme, or even when they joined your mailing list.” It really is the little things that mean the most. Unlike birthdays, a specific anniversary between your company and a customer has nothing else going on. The customer will see the marketing, appreciate the sentiment, and hopefully be impressed with your brand.

3: Emails based around company milestones

Think about your business and the many milestones it reaches over time. Why don’t you include your customers in these milestones too? Without them, you would not be anywhere close to where you are. Including consumers in company, milestones makes them feel a part of something bigger than a store or a money-making enterprise. It also makes them feel a part of your business, rather than just a consumer. Celebrate with the people that helped you get to the milestone, and watch them be just as grateful as you are.

4. “Exclusive” offers for subscribers

Make your subscribers feel special! Hayden Wick, a business expert at Research papers UK and Writinity, noted, “It seems simple to say, but getting subscribers is not anywhere near as hard as keeping them interested.” Many people sign up for a reward or say that they’ll cancel it later if they need to. It is important to make a subscription with benefits and perks; such as getting a free product every now and then, benefits points, or getting to test a new product.

5: “Early Bird” access

Similarly to exclusivity perks, early access perks will keep subscribers interested. If they think they have a leg up on the rest of your customer base, they will automatically feel special and prioritised. All this takes is a one-week preview for your subscribers, and will actually benefit your business massively.

6: Engage subscribers often

There are many different ways to engage your customers all year round, even when there is not a new product coming out or anniversaries or birthdays coming up. Whether it is sending them a discount code or just simply keeping them up to date with what is happening in the company; engagement emails will keep your tribe from forgetting about you for too long.

7: Show your gratitude

Without your loyal followers and subscribers, you would not be where you are now. It is easy to forget this! Simply sending an out-of-the-blue email saying, “We’re grateful for you! Here’s a gift from us” – will make people instantly happy. Sometimes the most important time to engage your subscribers is when they don’t expect it. This is what will make them feel important to you and your business as a whole.

8: Always reply to customer emails

Close the loop on excellent customer emails by making sure that you or someone from your team always responds to replies or inbound customer emails. Using a tool like timetoreply makes this easy. timetoreply measures email response times, and has a real-time alerts feature so ensure that no emails slip through the cracks and go without a reply.

We can all think of a time when a customer cancelled because they were frustrated by their experience with support. When an email is missed, or response times are high, you could be in danger of losing a customer to the competition. Using timetoreply to monitor support inboxes helps you keep your team focused on short-term goals to avoid preventable churn.

About the Author:

Alex Dubinsky is an experienced online marketing strategist and company marketer at Law assignments and Gum Essays. He has been in the marketing and strategy fields for almost a decade and enjoys learning more as the industry grows. In his spare time, he loves to mountain bike and explores new places.

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