timetoreply’s email analytics enable customer-facing and sales teams to orchestrate better, faster customer experiences and close more leads.


June 2021 – timetoreply, the leading provider of email analytics, has partnered with ActiveCampaign, the leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA), to provide critical insights and real-time alerts on email reply times and behaviors, so that businesses can better provide swift, responsive customer service.


With the timetoreply ActiveCampaign integration, clients of both platforms will be able to view real-time email analytics and reply time data against each ActiveCampaign contact from directly within ActiveCampaign’s dashboard. These kinds of insights help to close the loop on outbound email campaigns and customer or sales team responsiveness.


Likewise, the integration means that users of timetoreply and ActiveCampaign can sync customer contacts from ActiveCampaign to timetoreply to create specific reports (for example a report on how well a sales team is responding to leads from outbound email campaigns from ActiveCampaign) and real-time email alerts for a set of customers (for example send an alert if there has been no reply from my customer service team to Top “100 Customers” contact group after 2 hours).


This integration expands the ability for users of both platforms to provide the kind of swift, responsive support customers not only expect but deserve. 


“We know that when it comes to keeping customers happy and providing excellent customer experience, speed is key,” says Howard Moodycliffe, CEO of timetoreply. “Both ActiveCampaign and timetoreply’s vision is to enable businesses to provide exceptional customer experiences, and it’s great to be able to bring together the strengths of both of our platforms to forward that mission.”


Moodycliffe added that by combining real-time data generated by different teams with the advanced automation and segmentation capabilities provided by the ActiveCampaign platform, clients will be able to segment, personalize and automate email campaigns.


“It’s wonderful to work with a partner who understands the needs of customers, and who shares the same vision for providing a holistic customer experience from sales all the way to support,” says Mike Haarala, Partner Manager for ActiveCampaign. “We are excited to showcase this partnership to our customers and work together with timetoreply to bring business email analytics that ultimately boosts customer-centric service. Together we can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of our customers and future customers.”


To learn more about how to use the timetoreply ActiveCampaign integration, visit timetoreply.com


About timetoreply


timetoreply is the market leader in business email analytics for sales and customer teams. Our products ensure sales leads get responded to quickly and that they do not get missed, and that our customers’ teams build responsive and efficient relationships with their own customers. timetoreply’s products work with any email client, are rapid to deploy, and require no training or change to workflow.


About ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign’s category-defining Customer Experience Automation Platform (CXA) helps over 150,000 businesses in 170 countries meaningfully engage with their customers. The platform gives businesses of all sizes access to 500+ pre-built automation that combines email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM for powerful segmentation and personalization across social, email, messaging, chat, and text. Over 70% of ActiveCampaign’s customers use its 850+ integrations including Microsoft, Shopify, Square, Facebook, and Salesforce. ActiveCampaign scores higher in customer satisfaction than any other solution in both Marketing Automation, CRM, and E-Commerce Personalization on G2.com and is the Top Rated Marketing Automation Software on TrustRadius. Pricing starts at just $9/month. Start a free trial at ActiveCampaign.com.



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