The best way to turn any email enquiry into a sale is to make sure that your email response times are jacked up and fine tuned!  Based on the fact that email is very much a preferred form of communication between a majority of potential customers who do their product and services research via the internet, timetoreply has developed a successful and innovative tool to assist businesses with keeping a firm hand on how emails are responded to as they come in.

If you respond too late you will have lost a sale, the client is no longer in a buying mood, or they have gone to a competitor who was on the ball and got back to them quickly, leads have a shelf life of between 5 – 20 minutes on average and this is definitely where the early-bird catches the worm.

Timetoreply gives you real-time reports that track the reply time to emails and online queries, allowing you to track time to completion and customer engagement rate, giving you clear insight into how long each member of your team takes to respond to emails and how this affects their conversion rates.

With the kind of statistics provided by your timetoreply package you have an overview which allows you to adjust your approach to boost sales and change the conversion rates of leads into sales, impressing potential clients with your on-the-ball, outstanding service.  The ripple effect of this level of service excellence is its own form of advertising, word of mouth is powerful stuff!

Once you have used timetoreply to streamline your email response times you can display your response times on your website as a marketing tool, encouraging more people to contact you.  You can also use timetoreply to set up leader boards to encourage competition between sales teams, make it fun and make it worthwhile, no doubt you will reap the rewards very quickly!

Contact team at timetoreply and start your free trial or request a demo today and get ready to enjoy the difference quick email response times will make to your business!

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