If your website is getting a lot of traffic, you should be getting a good number of sales leads through your web forms. But getting sales leads doesn’t necessarily mean sales. For sales leads to become actual sales, your response time should be extremely quick. Chances are, the potential customer didn’t only send one request and if your competition is the one to reply first, he’ll probably end up with the sale. Even if your service or product is more affordable and better.

Responding to sales leads within a few hours is no longer good enough. People have become impatient and don’t want to wait too long before moving onto the next supplier. Just think about it: If you send out a quote request to three companies and only one replies within the first hour, who would you rather do business with? Reason being, you feel that the company that responded first is serious about you as a customer and will offer good customer service.

While this isn’t entirely true, it is the perception that counts. Your company might offer better service but might not have the proper email management system in place. Thus, you lose out on valuable sales opportunities.

How can I convert more sales leads from my website?

It’s easy, invest in email management software from Timetoreply. This software solution will enable you to measure email response times of each of your sales team members so you can improve it.

Chances are, if you can respond to sales enquiries within a few minutes of receipt, you’ll be the one to walk away with the business.

Not sure if this will be useful to your business? You can try it for free for two weeks! Get in touch with one of our team members for more information or to order your TimeToReply software solution.