Start controlling the movement of every internet or email sales lead that comes into your office today with the fantastic timetoreply tool designed to put all this info into the palm of your hand without having to install software.  As leads arrive, jump to it, the sooner your client receives a personal response from you or your sales team, the greater your chance of converting the lead to a sale.

Adjusting the analytics and statistics supplied on the timetoreply dashboard to refine your processes to suit the purpose of your company will assist you to scoop more internet and email leads than your competition can keep up with.  It is the nature of the beast that the high speed world of the internet has led to a generation of consumers who simply will not be kept waiting for a response, and considering that almost 80% of these consumers do their research online, you can be certain that if you are not the first to respond to a lead with its incredibly short lifespan, you have effectively lost out on a potential sale.

The idea is to use timetoreply to respond to email and internet leads faster than anyone else can so that you are able to catch the attention of your potential client while they are still in the mood to buy, after which it becomes a moot point!

If you have looked at the leads that come in to your company every day and wondered why only a few are converted to sales, it is definitely time to invest in a timetoreply package to show you exactly where and how you and your sales team are missing out.

Choose your timetoreply package and get your sales team excited about a healthy competition aimed at improving response times and quality, and with a few incentives thrown in here and there, you will be turning leads you were losing into real sales!

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