Technology has created a culture of speed, and nothing is as derivative of speed than a quick response to an email or online enquiry!  Customers want it, whatever ‘it’ is – fast!  As technology evolves at a hectic pace customers have become impatient and don’t want to be kept waiting, which means that over the last few years customers have been programmed to expect fast responses from any company.

There is no getting away from the fact that in a society conditioned for speed, and when it comes to customer service, speed is definitely a confidence builder and adds a valuable competitive advantage for any business that does not keep customers waiting for a response to their email enquiries.

Have you ever really looked into how quickly you return emails coming in, how long or how short you make your customers wait?  If you haven’t, then now would be a good time to do some research into how much of a competitive edge speed of response can bring to your reputation for customer service and a boost in sales.

Timetoreply is a tool that will effectively assist you in gaining the edge on your competitors who may be a little slower at responding than your team is, allowing your business to cash in on converting more email enquiries into sales than ever before, while at the same time raising customer service to a level that virtually guarantees more contact as your reputation grows.

Research shows that up to 70% of email leads are lost due to slow email response times, which makes a tool like timetoreply the perfect response for catering to consumers who demand speedy responses to their enquiries.

Timetoreply allows you to track exactly how many emails come in to your business, to individual mailboxes or team mailboxes, giving you clear information about how long it takes for your staff to respond to an email and what the quality of the response is.

Through the use of real-time metrics on the timetoreply dashboard, you are able to filter results to suit your specific requirements, and with the information provided by the statistics and analytics available, you are able to adjust your approach in order to increase contact rates.

Get ahead of the competition by investigating just how uncomplicated this innovative tool is to use at!

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