If customer service was the hallmark of success a century ago, it has become even more important for any business in the 21st Century internet landscape to put customer service right at the top of the list of priorities that bring success, and, since emails are the major form of correspondence in business now, it is common sense to make responding to emails quickly a top priority.

Although it’s a little easier to keep track of emails coming into your business if you are a sole proprietor or a small start-up, once you reach a point where you have a sales team added into the mix, keeping track becomes a lot harder, in fact, it is virtually impossible, unless you are willing to physically check the inboxes of each member of your sales team constantly!

They are there to back you up while you are focussed on other vital aspects of growing any business, but keeping yourself spread too thinly by doing your own check-ups on email inboxes is going to be self-defeating, since by then it will inevitably be too late for a response that wasn’t sent in the first place!

The team at timetoreply has gone to bat to do in-depth research into the importance of quick email response times, on the back of which, these guys who were born in the playground of the web, developed their own proprietary algorithm to give you the ultimate tool that puts all this information in an online dashboard that can be viewed anytime, anywhere!

With timetoreply, which works with all email servers, sales managers and owners are able to view the email activity in individual mailboxes and group inboxes, check out what the performance is of individuals in terms of how many emails they receive, how quickly they open them and then, most important of all, how long it takes for them to respond to email enquiries or web forms generated from a company website!

Timetoreply is easy, effective and will show you very quickly where many leads that looked promising disappeared to, and, with the metrics in your online timetoreply dashboard, you will be able to see exactly how many emails responded to were opened and how quickly they were opened, and then do a bit of tweaking to increase contact rates across the board to keep your customers engaged!

If you have been lucky enough to find a bona-fide lead generator that does not make you pay for useless clicks or page views, and actually provides you with actual leads ready for action, adding timetoreply to your arsenal of weapons for success can do no less than change the bottom line for your company, putting you right up at the top where it comes to customer service!

It’s a fact that the longer you make any customer wait for a response to an email enquiry or lead, the less your chances will be of raising conversion rates, they simply move on to your competitor, and keep doing it until someone gives them the response and service the average consumer demands these days!

Using timetoreply can really help you incentivise your sales team, use it to put up a leaderboard and, if possible, keep the competition healthy and fun – it won’t be long before you see the difference in the time they take to respond to emails and how great the quality will be of those responses!

You don’t need to give your credit card details to try out timetoreply for 21 days free of charge, you aren’t going to be locked into any contracts or commitments even when you do choose your package, and it’s a phenomenal tool, not a ball and chain you can never get rid of!

Your data is absolutely safe and secure with this team, no one reads your emails; the short of it is that the super-smart timetoreply algorithm calculates your overall average reply time across each mailbox being measured, taking into account your time zone, past performance, business hours and any recent improvements to your system to calculate a totally accurate assessment of your average reply time – there is no better way to find out what is happening to all incoming and outgoing messages!

Take a tour of this phenomenal tool that comes jam packed with a ton of features just calling your name, check out how it works in a little more detail, scrounge around in the FAQ’s section – or just cut to the chase and speak to this fantastic support team about a timetoreply package tailored to suit your business!


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