Are email reply times as fast as they should be from your sales team?

In the main, people opt for email correspondence when they have any queries about your products or services, or even better, to request prices and a quote.

Most people prefer to send off an email rather than to make a call, and one of the reasons they choose to contact you this way is to retain a history of their interaction with your company.

If any of the hundreds of thousands of people searching the internet for products or services like yours, they’re going to be sending emails or online enquiries to more than just your company.

What this means in reality, is that the first company to respond to their query or request for a quote, is going to be the one they’ll inevitably choose to deal with.

Any and all leads coming into your business are only as good as the response is from your sales consultants.

More leads than you can imagine are lost purely because of a lack of response, or a slow response that arrives too late.

The idea is to make contact with the potential customer while they’re still really interested in spending their cash.

The main reason for this is that if you leave it too long, the interest on the part of the customer wains, or they’ve already been won over by your competition that beat you to the reply.

Time to Reply is a software programme developed by a team that have done in-depth research into helping small to medium businesses to increase their turnover through quick email response times.

How does Time to Reply do this, starting with the nuts and bolts?

Most online tools or software programmes offered today are designed to hook you, and then keep you tied to that hook ad-infinitum, collecting monthly or yearly dues without letting you off that hook, no matter how badly you want out!

Time to Reply isn’t interested in tying you up in knots. This team is so confident about the product of their research that you can cancel at any time. You don’t need to produce your credit card to register your account, all you do is register and head into a 7 day trial period.

This trial period will more than likely be an eye opener of note once you have a complete overview of exactly what happens to every email coming in and going out of your business.

At the end of the trial period, Time to Reply will send you a prompt to give them your billing details if you’ve become addicted to knowing where leads are going, and how to improve on email response times.

Your online dashboard is easy to work with

All the statistics and analytics you’ll find set out on your Time to Reply dashboard will give you all you need to make adjustments to the speed at which your sales team responds.

You will also be able to increase customer engagement by adjusting the way you communicate with them.

In the image below, which is just one of the examples of the metrics you’ll have at your fingertips, you’ll have a great overall picture of what’s happening to emails during business hours.

There are also metrics and analytics that you can use to measure conversations, emails received, sent and responded to over a period of your choice, whether it’s over a week or a month.


This is just one example of the information you can expect to view on the Time to Reply online dashboard, which should already have you chomping at the bit to give this awesome tool a try!

The bottom line

Everything that’s on this page is just a small taste of what Time to Reply can do to help increase your turnover, without costing you a fortune!

If this has whet your appetite, then you really need to contact this fast, friendly team to find out even more about what this powerful online tool can do for your business!

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