Upcoming feature releases


Release Date

Customer / domain report.Released April 2018
Whitelisting filter option.Released April 2018
Weekly report email.
Released April 2018
Faster email update time.Released 29 Jan 2018
Email assignment logic improvement and database structure. 1 email can be assigned to many agents. Response times calculated for the conversion and the agents separately.Released 29 Jan 2018
Ability to trigger an email ingestion run manually by clicking a button. Automatically receive 30 days worth of historical data when creating an account.Released 29 Jan 2018
Bulk add users for o365, and Mimecast.Released 29 Jan 2018
Email response time and volumes on a domain level report for agents, groups and shared mailboxes.Released 29 Jan 2018
Shared mailbox tracking.Released 29 Jan 2018
Multiple level login access (admin user, managers and agents).Released 29 Jan 2018
Improved filter system across the entire system.Released 29 Jan 2018
Ability to include and exclude CC'd emails.Released 29 Jan 2018
Ability to exclude (blacklist) or include (whitelist) certain emails appearing in the report data.Released 29 Jan 2018
Ability to fully exclude internal emails.Released 29 Jan 2018
Groups.Released 29 Jan 2018
Group report.Released 29 Jan 2018
Shared mailbox report.Released 29 Jan 2018
Fixed filters for SLA.Released 29 Jan 2018
Downloadable SLA reports.Released 29 Jan 2018
Downloadable csv / xls reports.Released 29 Jan 2018
Shared Mailbox SLA report (looking at shared mailbox data only).Released 29 Jan 2018
Fixed alerts with faster update times.Released 29 Jan 2018
Email Log (with conversion view and expanded view). Email log to include multiple TOs and CCs if they exist.Released 29 Jan 2018
Email log to include additional filters.Released 29 Jan 2018
Fixed "and" "or" operator for multi conditional filtering.Released 29 Jan 2018
Specify which mail folders to track and which to ignore.Released 15 March 208
Aliases.Released 29 Jan 2018
Leaderboards.On hold
Comparative Reports.Released 29 Jan 2018
Comparative Reports (including groups / shared mailboxes).Released 29 Jan 2018
Bulk upload whitelist ingestion rules / exclude ingestion rules.Released 29 Jan 2018
Retrospective ingestion rules.Released 29 Jan 2018
Report overview pageReleased 29 Jan 2018
Track outbound emails that are not part of an existing conversation (cold emails)Released 29 Jan 2018
Specify certain mailboxes / groups to be assigned to certain users with certain access rights.Released 29 Jan 2018
Daily agent performance email (optional).Released 29 Jan 2018
Agent specific business hours.Released 29 Jan 2018
Company business hours.Released 29 Jan 2018
Agent timezone.Released 29 Jan 2018
Business timezone.Released 29 Jan 2018
Using APIs to auto exclude spam.Released 29 Jan 2018
Users to create custom reports / schedule reportsReleased April 2018
Allow SLA reports to report on overall and/or first response timeReleased April 2018
All reports to support indivudal mailboxes, group mailboxes and shared mailboxes.Released April 2018
Email log for each SLA to see which emails made up the stats for SLAReleased April 2018
Zapier integration.Q4 2020
Modular reporting dashboard with multiple reporting modules that end users and use to build their own bespoke dashboardReleased Dec 2018
Emails by hour of the day graphReleased Jan 2019
Emails not responded to (all emails and conversations without replies) statisticReleased Jan 2020
Save searches/filters for SLA reports and allow people to create a scheduled report based on the settings straight from the SLA report pageQ4 2020
Improve naming of scheduled reports. Allow people to enter a report name and save the pdf with that particular name. Email subject to use the report name.Released Dec 2018
Cater for different date range formatsReleased Dec 2018
Ability to block public holidays/office closed days from being trackedReleased Feb 2020
Exclusion filter based on time frame of dayOn hold
Extend filter to work using a time frame e.g. show emails that have a response time between 1 and 3 hours.1 February 2019
Extended scheduled reports to cater for .csv and .excel31 January 2019
Slack integrationQ4 2020
Bulk GmailReleased March 2019
Make extraction of data easier for each stat via the dashboardQ4 2020
Public API to request each stat in our dashboardReleased March 2020
Agent specific scheduled report with some insights into their performance vs company average and other team membersQ4 2020
Allow creation of scheduled reports from the SLA page itself and allow these to be named and saved for future use.Q4 2020
Visual queue for active filtersReleased May 2020
Handling outliersReleased May 2020
Sales ReportReleased July 2020
Year-on-year email analytics and email reply time reportingAugust 2020
Nylas MS Exchange service level authenticationAugust 2020
Zapier IntegrationSeptember 2020
CRM integration for better automatic updating of filters, customer groups and teamsSeptember 2020
Webhook Ingestion for realtime updates, closing of conversations and label updating.September 2020
o365 IntegrationOctober 2020
Read/Open statsOctober 2020
Machine learning/AI insights based on email activityJanuary 2021

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