There are some ways of improving your business strategy that, once you begin to use them, you realise you should have been doing so all along. For example, how much importance do you put on your team’s ability to respond quickly to online and email enquiries? For smaller companies it can be difficult to find the manpower to keep on top of things such as this, yet if you read on, you’ll see that it is a very important area of the daily running of a growing business.

For example, did you know that if you respond within one hour to an enquiry, you are more than 60 times more likely to get the business than if you wait 24hours? It’s a worrying fact, and it should lead you to wonder just how much potential business you are losing if your regular response time is over a day. At timetoreply we can help you with an accurate monitoring and reporting tool that can show you how well your team are responding – or otherwise –  and that can produce reports that will help you attend to the problem areas that may exist.

At timetoreply we are here to help growing business get the orders, and we do so with an easy to use tool that works via your existing email accounts, so you have no complex or expensive software to install. As for cost, we are also committed to value for money, and we invite you to try timetoreply for monitoring the performance of up to three agents for free! That’s free, for life – we will never charge you for the first three agents, just those over and above. Why not have a closer look at timetoreply now, and sign up for up to three agents – you don’t even need a credit card, it’s ready to go!

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