Customer service has dropped radically in major retail stores that rely on foot traffic in order to generate sales.  Most of the time you can’t find anyone to help you just to find out about prices on articles that have not been marked, or to find something you are looking for that isn’t staring you in the face.

The next step is to try to find a store that will be more customer-service oriented, which is still hard to find these days.  Perhaps large stores with major backup can afford these losses, but, smaller businesses definitely can’t survive with this lackadaisical approach.

With the move to online shopping, which is where hundreds of thousands of consumers search for products and services daily online, poor service, especially for a small to medium business still trying to grow its reputation, is a one-way road to losing out to competitors who are more on the ball.

So, what happens when emails are not responded to quickly enough?

The shelf-life of a lead:

Every business relies on leads and on generating an excellent reputation for service, and, since the vast majority of these leads and enquiries (much the same thing) arrive via email, it’s essential to understand that the shelf-life of a fresh lead is between 5 minutes to half an hour after it has been received!

If you don’t believe this, do your own research.  The results will be enough to encourage a complete rethink and reshuffling of how quickly emails need to be responded to!

How potential customers feel when emails are ignored:

The person that takes the time to sends an email enquiry to your business is going to feel offended at a lack of response.

Even a late response will lose a potential customer, making the lead null and void. In a business world of stiff competition can you really afford to miss a lead while it’s still hot?  All this does is to drive these leads on to your competitor, while you count the cost of letting the lead slip through the cracks in your business email system.

How to turn email response times right around and never lose out on an email enquiry again:

Thanks to the dedication of internet wizards who are looking for ways to answer questions like this, taking complete control of how emails are treated in your company is easy, especially with a team like the one at timetoreply!

Timetoreply is an online tool that offers all the solutions you need in order to take effective management of incoming and outgoing emails in your business, giving clear insight into how efficient the process is when it comes to responding to every email that comes in.

The easy answer to making every customer sending in email enquiries feel that they are valued, is to use this powerful yet uncomplicated tool to measure everything from how many emails come in daily to just how quickly they are responded to!

Answer emails quickly while the customer is still in the mood to buy:

With all the statistics, data and metrics offered by your online timetoreply dashboard, you will be off to a superb start in terms of capturing the attention of potential customers, while they are still in a buying frame of mind.

Wait too long and their desire to spend their money with your company will slip away very quickly!

How to turn emails into sales:

Let timetoreply show you how to make the most of every email that comes into your business, whether to individual mailboxes or group mailboxes, and never let another lead slip through any gaps again!

Contact timetoreply to purchase the right package to suit the size of your business and your budget, or try the free 21 day trial just to see the difference this type of control over quick email responses can make to the ability of your company to turn leads into sales at the drop of a hat!

Timetoreply gives you the perfect email performance measurement tool, but it’s going to be up to you and your staff to use it in turning emails into a gold mine!

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