Statistics prove it… Responding faster to website enquiries with timetoreply turns more leads into real business, and in turn helps you convert more of those leads into sales.

Whether you’re a solopreneur handling your own sales, or managing a large sales team with responsibility for multiple contact forms and websites, the key to closing more business from your inbound marketing is to respond fast. With research proving that 78 per cent of sales go to the first responder and that you have a 900 per cent better chance of closing business if you reply within 5 minutes, optimising response with a tool like timetoreply offers a seriously powerful business advantage.

Here’s how to do it…

1. Install timetoreply on Your Website
First off, install timetoreply on your website (do it here) to start collecting data about your response times to website enquiries and where the gaps lie in your performance.

2. Start Measuring Your timetoreply
Use your timetoreply Dashboard to measure your response performance and build a platform of data that will help you improve. From here you can look more closely at how to increase response times. You might find your sales team replies more slowly at certain times or on particular days of the week. Perhaps one team member performs better using methods you can apply business-wide. You might even find a delay between receiving an enquiry from your website and it then being delivered to a sales person, creating a bottleneck that slows the sales process.

3. Improve Your timetoreply
The closer you get to the coveted 5-minute response time the more you will catch your prospects ready to engage with you and start to see an uplift in sales conversions.

4. Display the timetoreply Trustimer
Here’s where the real magic starts. Once you achieve a timetoreply you’re happy with you can display the Trustimer on your website. Now you can really up your game – by giving proof to website visitors that you will reply to them quickly. This naturally encourages people to communicate with you based on independent assurance that you care about them and will respond to their needs promptly.

Note: As well as closing more sales by measuring and improving response times, we measured an average 28% increase in website leads, without any extra website traffic, when displaying the timetoreply Trustimer on a website. Proof positive that displaying your Trustimer as soon as possible is a great idea.

5. Invite Customer Reviews
The power of online customer reviews is undeniable. People will engage with you more if they know others endorse your customer service. So we encourage website visitors to say good things about you… Everyone who sends you a message from your website will receive a follow-up email from timetoreply asking them to rate your response and comment on their experience. As these reviews grow in number you’ll build a powerful foundation of social proof for your business, as well as valuable business intelligence on how your customers think and feel about your offerings.

Time to Get Started
With a raft of business intelligence and tools that boost performance and show the world your customer service is what they want, you’ll want to start working on optimising your reply time right away.

Here’s What We’ve Got For You

Install timetorepy on your website and,

  1. Boost sales by measuring and improving your response times
  2. Increase customer engagement with your timetoreply Trustimer

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