Ignite your inbound sales with real-time email analytics and performance optimizations to help your sales team act quicker to close more deals.

Can Ignite help you and your inbound sales team?

Worried your team isn't replying to leads fast enough?

Can’t see who’s got great response times and who hasn’t?

Tired of missing prospect emails and missing out on deals?

With the right insight and oversight from timetoreply, you can stop worrying and start crushing your quotas.

Want to track every stage of the deal through your reps’ inboxes?

Want to rank top sales performers and help those struggling?

Want to improve lead response times and increase your sales?

Ignite does all this and more. Simply link your teams’ Google Workspace/Gmail or Microsoft 365/Outlook inboxes and you’re ready to go in seconds.

See how Ignite could work for your team

Hundreds of companies already trust timetoreply’s email analytics and performance optimization software

Don’t just review. Ignite your team’s lead response management

Email Analytics

Unlock deeper analytics on lead response times, straight from your sales team inboxes…

+ Email Action

…and see faster first time replies and quicker follow ups with individual alerts and notifications for every sales rep.

Lead Insights

Say goodbye to missed emails, dropped leads and forgotten replies with smart alerts & notifications…

+ Lead Improvements

… and automatically suggest better follow-up cadences and more frequent replies when and where they’re needed.

Sales Reporting

Monitor real-time reports on both individual and team performance, tracking targets across the entire sales cycle…

+ Sales Recommendations

… and identify coaching opportunities, training tactics and real-time prompts to support under performers.

All the lead tracking and performance optimization you need to smash your sales targets

Lead response reporting

to improve reply times

Follow-up optimization

to keep leads engaged

Automated coaching

to empower your teams

Real time alerts

to meet reply time goals

Sales rep leaderboards

to identify high and low performers

Sales cycle reporting

to track time to close and revenue won

"As a leading industrial technology company, it made sense that we selected the right technology to support our teams in optimizing their email activity. The insights derived from timetoreply's reports empower our teams to deliver the best possible service via email."

Brian Burchard
Director Inside Sales Support

"Using timetoreply’s Optimiser across my team has been going really well. We’ve seen some massive gains with new starters. One employee has improved from 30 minutes plus in June to sub 10 minutes in July"

Nick S.
Head of Internal Sales

"We’ve managed to improve our sales agents’ closing rates by focusing on responding quickly and consistently to every single lead. In an industry as competitive as ours ,and being online, we don’t have a choice. We either respond quickly or we’ll lose the deal to a competitor. timetoreply’s email reply time data now forms part of our sales agents’ performance metrics."

Bert Prevoo
Managing Director

How could Ignite help your sales team?

Never drop a lead

Ignite gives you and your team the best chance of closing every deal. With real-time response tracking, real-time alerts for warm leads left unreplied, and real-time recommendations for faster follow-ups, you’ll stay in control of every opportunity.

Work where you work

Integrate Ignite directly into Gmail, Outlook and Microsoft 365 so you and your team can monitor and self-improve lead responses, filter emails and track follow-ups straight from your existing inboxes. No other software required.

Using a CRM or Sales Enablement tool? Ignite integrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, Active Campaign, Constant Contact and more.

Manage leads your way

Ignite lets you identify all your inbound lead sources in both individual and shared mailboxes. Powerful filters let you customize which lead emails to track and which response metrics to prioritize.

Track touches and nudges

Dig deeper into lead email analytics than you ever thought possible, with real-time tracking and reporting into responses, touchpoints, times to reply, times to follow-up and times to close.

Focus on follow-ups

When the frequency of your team’s follow-ups is so important to keep leads hot and close deals, you need Ignite. It delivers all the tools your sales reps need to self-optimize their cadence and get results.

Promote healthy competition

With comprehensive performance reporting, Ignite shows you who’s responding fast and who’s neglecting follow-ups. And with a sales rep leaderboard encouraging competition (alongside automated recommendations), it’s easy to create email superstars out of your whole team.

Ready to see how timetoreply can Ignite your inbound sales inboxes?

Complete inbox transparency with a wealth of metrics

Time to first reply

Time to close

Average time between follow up

Average touches per lead

Lead volumes

Revenue per deal

Reply time goals met

Individual performance

Overall sales performance

Clear reporting, powerful change, all-in-one simple software

timetoreply doesn’t just deliver all the instant analytics you need. It empowers your sales teams, helping them improve response times and boost their own performance. 

Quick to install and simple to use without any changes to your workflows, it’s the only software you need for highly cost-effective change.