In the eyes of a potential customer nothing says you care about their business more than a quick response to emails will.

Every time a customer is kept waiting is a missed opportunity to open up a dialogue that’ll keep the customer engaged long enough to convert a lead into a sale.

Customer service is a fundamental building block for success, especially with the volume of people searching for products or services on the web every day.

A quick response to a customer looking for what you have on offer will make sure you get to them while they’re still interested enough to spend their money with you.

Great customer service is the best free advertising you can get. A customer satisfied with the service they get from you won’t have any problem recommending your company to others.

This makes looking into email response times with the help of a tool like timetoreply a valuable addition to sales strategies that’ll give you an outstanding return on investment.

The role timetoreply plays in raising customer service levels:

Having statistics and analytics available online from the timetoreply dashboard equips you with everything you need to make sure email responses raise the bar in terms of customer service.

Using reports and statistics filtered on the dashboard to suit your business, you’ll have a crystal clear picture of how quickly your sales agents respond to email enquiries.

You’ll also be able to measure how long it takes individual agents to open emails, as well as what the quality of the response is.

With this information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to refine marketing strategies to increase contact rates and retain customer engagement.

Timetoreply helps you keep track of your progress as changes are made:

The changes that’ll come about as a result of using all the information available to you on the timetoreply dashboard will be easy to track online 24/7.

You’ll be able to see improvements clearly once you’ve introduced a culture of responding to emails quickly in your sales team. Statistics about how many customers respond after initial contact and how long it takes them to open an email are also part of the timetoreply package, designed to increase contact rates and to qualify more leads.

Impress new customers by displaying an average reply time on your website:

Once you’ve managed to get all email response times jacked up with the help of timetoreply, go ahead and display it proudly on your website.

Naturally this is going to entice people to make contact with your company, since the time displayed obviously says great customer service, but be absolutely sure the claim is backed up 100% by your sales agents!

In the ‘real’ world, taking your time to respond to a customer walking into your store will turn them right round and out the door.  The internet-dominated business world is much the same.

Ignoring customers that have contacted you via your website is tantamount to ignoring them when they walk into your store! This isn’t a risk worth taking in a fast-paced world where people demand instant gratification.

If customers want to spend their money on a service or product, give them every reason to spend it with you. Contact the team at timetoreply to find out more about all the features jam packed into the timetoreply package!


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