One of the surest ways to raise your customer ratings is to respond quickly and professionally to any emails and online inquiries received by your company.

Quality customer service is going to earn your company so much more than your products will, unless of course you’re the only one offering a specialised product or service and the customer has nowhere else to go.

One negative or slow response to an email from a potential customer will lose you more business than anything else can.

Consumers are even willing to pay a little more for a product or service if their initial contact with your company is one that acknowledges how important their time is to you.

With thousands and thousands of consumers working their way through products and services on offer that suit what they’re looking for, no business can afford to lose a sale based on slow email responses.

There’s always a more than willing competitor waiting to snap up business that could’ve been yours had your sales agents been faster in responding to an inquiry, making it well worth your while to pay closer attention to email traffic in your business.

Here’s what you need to know about email traffic in your business to grab the attention of customers and engage them in a conversation that results in a sale:

Capitalise on information received from web forms

The information your company receives via web forms is crucial to maximising the leads received.  It’s from these forms filled by potential customers that you’ll be able to take advantage of new leads that can be capitalised on.

Many a company has been slow on the uptake when it comes to responding to these web forms submitted by potential customers, inevitably leading to the loss of a sale due to a culture of instant gratification and major competition.

Remain on top of email reply times

If you don’t know what’s happening to emails and how quickly they’re responded to by your sales agents, it’s time to take an in-depth look at how many leads and sales have generally been lost ‘in the mail’

The result will definitely open your eyes to the importance of email response times.

Know what’s happening to emails received by individual mailboxes

If you’ve got more than one sales agent on board, knowing what the individual email response times are for each inbox will be invaluable in terms of getting everyone on the same track for quick email response times.

As with any other department in a business, there are often members of a team that are quite happy to coast on the work of the rest of the team, but if you know exactly what each member of the team is doing, the slacker will be glaringly obvious.

Being able to measure individual mailboxes also means that you can create leader boards to encourage team members to get their email response times up to the top of the board.

Stay on top of what happens to emails received by group mailboxes

If, for instance, your company has a group mailbox such as, it’s important that you know what happens to emails received once they hit the inbox. This is the best way to make sure that no inquiry is missed by any of your sales agents.

Considering that on average a lead only stays fresh for between 5 to 20 minutes, there’s really no time to be lost in response to any email, whether it’s received by an individual mailbox or group mailbox.

Where does timetoreply™ Software come into the equation?

Pretty much everywhere an email response is required!  This software has been developed to provide much more than what’s already been mentioned above, including reports that tell you exactly what’s happening to every email your company receives.

The reports and analytics you’ll have access to on the timetoreply™ dashboard will show you exactly what your company may have been missing out on due to slow or non-existent email response times.

Watch sales increase and customer service levels rise to an all-time high once you’re hooked up to this software, and, if you still need a nudge to get you interested, why not sign up for a free trial. You’ll find that this is software that literally sells itself from day one!

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