How to Bulk Add G Suite/ Gmail mailboxs to timetoreply™ to be monitored.

Add multiple GSuite/Gmail mailboxes in one go.

To get started, log in to your timetoreply™ account and visit

Click on “Bulk Add”

Click “Bulk Add Agents” in the Google G Suite section.

You will need to complete a few steps in your G Suite account in order to allow timetoreply™ to connect with your account. 

Following the steps below, you will be granting timetoreply™ permission to read Gmail Metadata, and read a list of all the users on your GSuite Account:

Visit to log in to your G Suite Admin Panel

Click “Security”

Click “Advanced settings”

Click “Manage API client access”

You should be presented with a screen that allows you to add a new API client, and shows your existing API Clients. Should you ever wish to revoke access to your G Suite account, you can simply remove our Client ID from this screen.

For Client Name, enter timetoreply™ app Client ID: 106363700407289388807

For “One or More API Scopes”, enter the following:,

You will need to enter a G Suite administrator email address that we use to get a list of available mailboxes from your G Suite account.

Click “Continue To Agent Selection” and select the agents you would like to track.

You can select agents that are already on timetoreply™, and the existing agents will simply be updated with the new G Suite connection to improve their stability.