Adding Additional Managers Or Admin Users

Allow other admin users to log in and view all of the data or selected data based on the permissions you assign to them.
In order to add an additional access user, the new user would be required to register for a TTR account by visiting
During the registration process, they will be asked to either create a new company or join an existing company. They would choose to join an existing company and find the company you have already created.
They will request to join your existing company and you will receive a Join Request via email. Accept the Join Request to allow the new user to have access to your account as an admin.
Alternatively, you can click on the Users section in the dashboard and add the new user there. During the process, you will be able to assign different roles and permissions to the user to control what data they are able to view when they log into the system.
Users are able to log into the system to view the data. Their mailbox does not have to be tracked to be a User.
There are 4 levels of Access Users:
  • Company Administrator
  • Company Manager
  • Restricted Manager
  • Company Agent
Company Administrators have full access to the system, the billing information, the ability to add/remove mailboxes and control the rights given to other Users.
A Company Manager can view all mailboxes/teams or groups but doesn’t have access to account settings, billing information, or the ability to add or remove mailboxes.
A Restricted Manager can view specific mailboxes/teams or groups that have been assigned to them when inviting them as a Restricted Manager. So a Restricted Manager may only be given the ability to view certain mailboxes, certain teams, and certain group mailboxes. Restricted Managers don’t have access to account settings, billing information, or the ability to add or remove mailboxes.
A Company Agent is the lowest level of access user. If you provide someone with Company Agent access their mailbox would need to be being tracked on our system and then they will be able to log in and view only their data and nothing else. They too will not have access to settings, billing, or the ability to view who is on the system or add/remove mailboxes. They will simply log in and view their own mailbox performance and nothing else.
All of these access users can be set up from TOOLS > ACCOUNT ACCESS.