Connect timetoreply with Salesforce

Getting started

In order to link timetoreply and Salesforce, simply go to TOOLS > INTEGRATIONS within your timetoreply dashboard.

connect timetoreply with Salesforce

Click on “Authenticate” and you’ll be taken to an authentication screen where you will need to log in to your Salesforce account.

Log into your Salesforce account and accept the permissions on the next page.

You’ll be redirected back to timetoreply. Choose the field from the drop down where you store your contacts’ email addresses and click save.

Sync data to timetoreply from Salesforce

That’s it! timetoreply will begin syncing your contacts from Salesforce to timetoreply.

Next steps would be to create customer groups using your Salesforce data in timetoreply. In order to create a customer group using Salesforce data, go to TOOLS > CUSTOMER GROUPS.

timetoreply Salesforce customer group

Click on Add from Salesforce.

On the next screen give your Customer Group a name and then choose which of your Salesforce fields must be used to identify which records to place into this Customer Group.

Salesforce email analytics tool

In this example I have called the Customer Group “Web Leads” and used the Lead Source field where it equals “” as the filter to be applied when building this “Customer Group”.

Once created, you can use this Customer Group as a filtering option under the “When communicating with” filter in timetoreply.

Lastly, if you want to sync data from timetoreply to your Salesforce Contacts, you can do so under TOOLS > INTEGRATIONS. Click on “Manage” under the Salesforce option and then go to advanced settings.

Sync data from Salesforce to timetoreply

Map the fields with your custom fields you create in Salesforce. You can sync Average First Reply Time, Average Overall Reply Time, Emails Sent and Emails Received.

If you want to sync more data you can use our API instead.