How to create a Time To Reply Account

Step-by-step guide on how to create a new Time To Reply account

In order to create an account on Time To Reply (TTR) follow these steps:

Visit and register for an account.
Follow the sign up wizard that will take you through the following steps:
verify your email, create or join a company, setup your business hours, add agents (mailboxes), setup complete.

To verify your email you will receive an email. Find the email in your inbox or junk folder and click on the button that says Verify now. If you do not receive the email please contact

Either create a new company or join an existing company if someone in your company has already setup a TTR account and you want access to the data in the account.

Setup your business hours if you want the response time calculations to only include time that has elapsed during business hours. Otherwise setup the business hours to 00:00 and 24:00 to exclude business hours and track around the clock. How it works: If you set your business hours to 09:00 to 17:00 and an email comes in at 08:55 and your agent responds at 09:10, the response time will be 10 minutes as only 10 minutes of business time has elapsed. The first 5 minutes of the 15 minutes were out of business hours and therefore not included.

The next step is to add your agents. Click on Add Agent Now. If you are using Gmail/Gsuite, IMAP, MS Exchange or o365 you can select the appropriate option and complete the fields to add your agent. The standard option is to add each mailbox one-by-one and each mailbox owner will receive an authentication email which includes a link they need to click to give TTR permission to track their email performance. If you are using o365, you can choose to bulk add agents by selecting the Bulk Add option and then choosing the o365 option on the next page. When using the Bulk Add option, you need to authenticate with an o365 admin user’s credentials once and then you will be redirected back to TTR where you will see a list of all the mailboxes on your o365 account. Simply tick the mailboxes you want to track and click Add and the mailboxes will be tracked by TTR.

Once you have added your agents, your setup is complete and you can navigate away from the wizard.