What is the difference between the Conversation Logs and Message Logs sections?

Explanation of the difference between the Conversation Logs and Message Logs in the timetoreply™ dashboard.
TTR’s Email Log section displays all of the email data TTR has ingested. TTR displays the data in two views, the Conversation Log and the Messages Log.

Conversation Logs

The Conversation Log displays all of your email data grouped by conversation or thread. Instead of seeing a flat view of all of your emails in chronological order, the Conversation Log displays the emails in conversations that can be expanded by clicking on the arrow icon next to the initial email.

When filtering by different date ranges, TTR will first look for all conversations that started within the specified date range and then find all of the emails that belong to those conversations that fall between the date range.

If a conversation started outside of the date range it will not appear in the Conversation Log, even if the most recent correspondences on that conversation happened during the date range.

Message Logs

The Messages Log does not group the email data into conversations / threads and instead shows each email individually in chronological order.

When filtering by a date range, TTR will look for all emails that fall within the date range.