How to prevent split conversations when using timetoreply with o365 / Outlook online.

If you have noticed that conversations that should be grouped together are appearing as two or more conversations in your Conversations Logs in your timetoreply dashboard then you will need to apply the following settings to solve the issue.

Before we look into the solution, let’s start by understand what causes a conversation to split (or fork). Conversations split if there is a new conversation ID assigned to a conversation by Microsoft. This happens under two scenarios:

  1. If you are using “send on behalf of” or “send as” permissions for a shared mailbox and sometimes you reply as your own inbox and then you change to responding using the shared mailbox as the FROM.
  2. If you move an email from the shared mailbox to your inbox and then reply from your inbox.

Now, by default when a shared mailbox is set up in o365 / Outlook online it doesn’t copy the sent item into the individuals own sent items, so if the conversation ID changes and we only see the conversation ID of the shared mailbox, when we pick up a reply from the individuals mailbox the conversation splits.

This is what the settings look like by default:

And in order to resolve the issue and stop conversations from splitting you need to tick both of those options for your shared mailbox.

Note: if you are using a normal mailbox with delegate permissions and not a shared mailbox then you will need to run Powershell commands instead.

The commands can be found here:

“Send on behalf of” –

“Send as” –

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Login to your o365 account as an admin.
  2. Go to Shared Mailboxes under Teams & Groups. Teams & Groups > Shared Mailboxes
  3. Click on the shared mailbox from the list and you will see some settings appear in the right-hand panel that opens.
  4. Under the Sent items option, click edit and then you will see the the follow option appear:
  5. Tick both options and click Save

And that’s it. If you have any questions or need help please email [email protected].