How to setup a Team

Use Teams to group certain agents / mailboxes together to that you can view their aggregated statistics.
The Teams section allows you to add various agents / mailboxes to a team so that you can view their data collectively.

For example, if you create Team 1 and you assign Agent 1, Agent 10 and Agent 20 to Team 1, when you filter by Teams > Team 1 in your reports you will see data pertaining only to Agent 1, Agent 10 and Agent 20 both collectively and individually depending on what report you are viewing.

Teams are not linked to a specific group mailboxes and includes all email performance of the agents that have been assigned to the team.

To create a Team go to Teams and click Add New.

Give your team a name and click Create. 

On the next page, “tick” the mailboxes that you want to assign to the Team and click Add selected mailboxes.

Note: you do not need to enter a shared mailbox address or aliases for the Teams section.