Missing data – how to troubleshoot if you aren’t seeing all of your data

An article to help ensure you get all of your data into the system.
Depending on your email setup, you might need to check the following steps to ensure all of your data comes into the system.
  1. If you use any aliases you need to add them to the system by going to the mailbox in timetoreply™, clicking “edit” and adding aliases in the box provided. This is true whether you receive emails from an alias or send from an alias address.
  2. The same applies if emails are auto-forwarded to your mailbox from another mailbox. If that occurs you need to add the mailbox that the emails are being forwarded from as an alias in timetoreply™ (see instructions above).
  3. If you delete emails off of your server shortly after they are received or sent then there is a chance that timetoreply™ will miss those emails before the system has a chance to check your account. We recommend not deleting any emails until 24hrs have elapsed.
  4. Uniquely named folders – depending on which mail server you are using, there is a chance that timetoreply™ isn’t picking up emails due to a uniquely named inbox folder, sent folder or folders where you are archiving data. For Gsuite and o365 this is not an issue as we see all emails regardless of the folders they are in, but for IMAP or MS Exchange this could be an issue.
  5. For IMAP and certain other connections, a firewall could be preventing our connection to the mailboxes. This will typically result in very low email volumes in your timetoreply™ account and if you see this please contact us and we will give you our IP address to the whitelist.
If you are having trouble reconciling your data in our system, please reach out to [email protected] and we will assist you.