Permissions for Gmail and o365 Permissions required for Gmail and o365 (individual authentication and bulk authentication)

timetoreply™ required the following permissions to be granted depending on which option you choose to use to connect your mailboxes to timetoreply™.
o365 Bulk Add

timetoreply™ asks for: Offline_Access, User.Read.All, Directory.Read.All, Mail.ReadBasic

Permission reference: Allows the app to read the full set of profile properties, reports, and managers of other users in your organization, on behalf of the signed-in user. Allows the app to read data in your organization’s directory, such as users, groups and apps, without a signed-in user.

Mail.ReadBasic: Allows the app to read email in user mailboxes. Allows the app to read email in the signed-in user’s mailbox, except for body, bodyPreview, uniqueBody, attachments, extensions, and any extended properties. Does not include permissions to search messages.

o365 Individual Add

timetoreply™ requires: Offline_Access, User.Read, Mail.ReadBasic

Gmail Individual Add

timetoreply™ requires: readonly