How to use the Domain/SLA report to track email response time goals

Track email response time SLAs using the Domain/SLA report
The Domain/SLA report allows you to track how well you are responding to a particular domain (URL). You can set an initial response time goal and/or and overall response time goal and the system will track again the goals. The report also compares your performance to the previous period.
In order to generate a report, you can start by selecting whether you want to run the report for your whole company, a particular agent, a team or a group mailboxes. Set this in the “Show stats for” block.
Once you’ve selected who the report should be for, leave the “When communicating with” block as “Anybody” as the report will limit by the domain you enter further down the page.
Next, select which domain name you would like to run the report for and set your average initial email response time goal and/or average overall response time goal.
In this example I am running the report for the domain and I have set an initial response time goal of 30min and an overall response time goal of 1 hour.
As you can see from the screenshot below, I am failing my initial response time goal of 30min and passing my overall response time goal.
The report also shows you how long people from that domain are taking to respond to you and shows the email volume (sent and received) between yourself and the domain.
You can schedule this report to be sent daily, weekly or monthly via the Scheduled Reports section.