Timetoreply is the ideal tool for any business that relies on email leads and enquiries, it is suitable for any sized business, from small start-ups to large corporate businesses, giving them a tool with which to compare individual response times to emails, measure either your entire business or specific teams within it.

Tracking email response times, without the need to install any software allows you to measure and improve the statistics of one of the most vital channels of any business in an era dominated by the internet and email correspondence.

Once you are in a position to measure how quickly your business replies to email enquiries, you will be able to use timetoreply to optimise the online reply times of your staff, and by improving these email response times you will quickly see the benefit attached to making fast response times an essential tool for the success of your business.

By implementing timetoreply, you can monitor the speed with which both your staff and customers respond to email correspondence, as well as being able to measure specific email addresses and group email addresses within your company.

Timetoreply is a simple tool to use, and with the analytics and metrics available in real-time on the timetoreply dashboard, your overview of email response times, the quality of the responses and the feedback from customers via email will enable you to use the filters available to refine your marketing strategy to increase contact rates.

The ultimate goal of using an innovative tool like timetoreply is to reach a point where your conversion rates of leads to sales not only ensures that you no longer miss important opportunities to contact potential customers while they are still interested in your product or service, but that a fantastic rating for customer service leads to an increase in contacting your business.

Try this fantastic tool for yourself free of charge for 21 days, or visit www.timetoreply.co.za for in-depth information about this tool that has improved business for many timetoreply customers over the years!

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