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The people behind the tech

timetoreply is an email analytics tool built for managers and team leaders who want to visualize their team’s email reply times and volumes. Founded in 2013 by South African entrepreneur, Dane Spear, timetoreply’s SaaS tools have since provided crucial business email insights to a growing list of SMEs and Fortune 500 companies in every industry from advertising to logistics, travel, and legal services.

The team at timetoreply are committed to making email (still the world’s most widely-used business communication channel) a stress-free place that enables sales, support, key account and remote teams to do their best work.

timetoreply Leadership

timetoreply is proudly backed by venture capital firms and independent investors

Dane is a serial entrepreneur with fire in his belly for all things online… especially those things that help companies generate more sales. Having started two leading enterprises that generate online leads for web marketers, Dane was well-positioned to discover the vital need to help companies respond better to online inquiries – which he did, with timetoreply.

Dane Spear

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Howard lives and breathes marketing and innovation. Having worked wonders with some of the largest IT and publishing businesses in London, Sydney, and Cape Town, he is now doing the same for timetoreply. He has a strong sense of vision and strategy and helps the timetoreply team pivot to meet ever-changing market needs.

Howard Moodycliffe


Chris is a Chartered Accountant, author, and serial entrepreneur, best known as founder of the world famous wind-up radio business, Freeplay Energy plc. He has been voted among the world’s top 10 Entrepreneurs by Business Week Magazine and also won the BBC Design Awards (twice) for his innovations. Chris does a whole lot more than count the beans…

Chris Staines

Co-Founder and Finance Head

Barry is a digital business specialist who has served clients and customers in several verticals including e-commerce, retail, financial services, travel, and gaming, across five continents, He’s an expert in formulating demand generation and revenue operations strategies, reducing user acquisition costs and increasing customer lifetime value.

Barry Blassoples

Head of Customer Success

Tarah’s a digital marketing native, specializing in email automation, social media, and copywriting. She’s worked for high profile brands in industries that range from education to retail, luxury travel, and of course, technology. She has a passion for start-ups and loves helping brands to grow, creating superior brand experiences, and engaging customers through content that adds value.

Tarah Darge

Head of Marketing

Robert is timetoreply’s Chief Technical Officer and Lead Developer. His role involves web development and product architecture design – which is a technical way of saying that he’s the guy who designs and creates our impressive reporting dashboard, new features and the ability to make sense from just about any data. 

Robert Teschmacher

Chief Technical Officer

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