If you want your business to be highly successful, you should consider investing in an email management system.

There are several risks associated with ineffective email management that could ultimately ruin your business. Below are some of the dangers of poor email management.

  1. Spending too much time in your inbox

Great results have never been achieved by stagnantly sitting in front of your computer. Every minute counts when it comes to business and wasting time sifting through emails will negatively affect your productivity. When you have an email management system in place, it will allow you to track your time so you can limit the time you spend on emails every day. Additionally, it will track your response time to make you more efficient, and filter spam emails so you don’t have to.

  1. You might miss an important email or sales lead

If you’ve ever overlooked an important email because of inbox clutter, you’ll know that the consequences are serious. Whether it’s a client or manager, an email management system will enable you to never miss an important email ever again.

When it comes to sales leads generated via your website, your response time is crucial. Competition is severe in any industry and if your competitors beat you to it, even by a few minutes, you could lose valuable business. Sales leads generated by your website is money for jam and should be responded to as quickly as possible.

  1. Your employees might be wasting your time

Investing in an email management system will enable you to track various email accounts individually. You will be able to know exactly how long your sales team take to respond to inquiries. By doing this, you can incentivise your team to increase their response time, thus drive more sales.

As you can see, an email management system will lower your risk of failing to grow your bottom line. For more info get in touch with one of our team members or sign up at Timetoreply.com today.

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