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With timetoreply Sales your sales team gets the powerful, actionable insights they need to close more deals faster by optimizing their most important lead communication channel: their email. See each agent’s all-important timetoreply Ratio™, view their initial and average reply times, and set reply time goals.

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Why should sales teams use an email analytics tool like timetoreply Sales?


The facts are clear. If you respond first, you close more deals.

  • Companies that respond to inquiries within 1 hour are 7 times more successful than those who take 2 hours, and 60 times more successful than those who take over 24 hours!
  • 78% percent of sales go to the first company to respond.
  • You’ll see a 900% increase in contact rates when responding to lead in under 5 minutes.

Sales are the lifeblood of your business. But how do you know that important leads aren’t slipping through the cracks? Or that your sales team is focused on revenue-generating communication?

Timetoreply Sales helps you support and monitor the email responsiveness of your sales team by measuring their timetoreply Ratio™. The powerful filtering cuts through the inbox clutter and means that your sales team can spend time on the emails that matter most. No hardware or software to install, no time extra time spent on learning unfamiliar tools or new ways of working. You’ll also get the daily reports on reply times, email conversations, and emails that still need responding to.

Fire up your sales team with timetoreply Sales

Optimize Contact Rates

Optimize your contract rates with the real-time timetoreply Ratio™ – one metric that gives you your agent’s average reply times and contact rates.

Measure Email Reply Times

Know exactly how long each mailbox takes to reply to internal or external emails with our email response time software.

measure group email

Monitor Individual or Group Mailboxes

Measure all new incoming emails for an individual email account or a group email address where the inquiries are sent to your sales team.

Track Sales Agent and Team Trends

View what % of emails have been responded to in under 30min, 60min, 4 hours, etc. Set your own reply time bands and improve your sales team’s responsiveness to emails.

Set Response Time, and timetoreply Ratio™ Goals

Set goals, and KPIs and reward your sales team based on their activity and email reply times. View the time that the first emails and last emails were sent in a day, compare the number of emails sent inside and outside of business hours, as well as each member’s average number of emails sent and received per hour.

Powerful Sales Report Filtering

Know exactly how long your sales agents take to respond to customer or lead A vs B using our powerful report filtering.

download email data

Data At Your Fingertips

Export the data you need in PDF or Excel form. Use customized APIs to integrate into your chosen reporting dashboards with ease.

Detailed Sales Ratio Reports

Detailed analytics and reporting to help rsales managers support and drive their teams’ email responsiveness to inbound leads and customer emails.

View and Model Top Performer Interactions

See who your sales team members interact with most. Prioritize top leads and gauge email relationships, as well as patterns that lead to sales. Then repeat them!

Resources to help you manage your sales team


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Follow these five steps and you'll get visibility into your teams' email performance, understand your current response times and email volumes, be able to set KPIs, identify areas for improvement, set alerts to ensure nothing slips through the cracks and more!

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Download the free Response Time Policy template and start putting a framework in place to improve your response time to customers.

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Get the guide now!

Shared mailboxes can be a nightmare. But follow these five ways to make managing collaborative email easier and more transparent and you can make sure that your shared inbox is transformed into a tool for your team's best work. 

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