Would you like to know what happens to emails that come in to your business or to your sales team, and whether the turnaround times of the responses by team members affect the ratio of converting leads to sales?

If your response is a resounding yes, then timetoreply will put every statistic and analysis at your fingertips, turning this well-researched and innovative tool into the key to increasing contact with your business and leading to higher levels of sales!

Using timetoreply is convenient and easy, you will be able to log in to your dashboard to view the full range of analytics, graphs and reports available, while also being able to select specific parameters to custom build the view you require using the available filters.

With all this information available to you on the timetoreply dashboard, viewing the performance of your company as a whole, or comparing the individual responses of team members, you will have a clear indication of how to go about implementing changes to increase contact rates, boost sales and raise your customer care levels through the roof!

Although it is not necessary for your sales team to know about your installation of timetoreply, most companies have found that letting their staff know about the changes and implementing leader-boards to encourage competition has had a positive impact on the speed of email responses overall.

It is not only the team of innovators at timetoreply who have done their research into the impact that quick email response times have on conversion rates of enquiries to sales, the Harvard Business Review, MIT and the Kellogg School of Management have all published compelling studies focussing on the exceptional importance of fast email response times!

If by now you have also reached the conclusion that fast email response times build trust, increase leads, customer contact rates and sales conversions, then register with timetoreply, free of charge, and get started with their 21 day free trial!

Judging by the phenomenal success already experienced by timetoreply clients, signing up for an affordable monthly subscription that does not tie you into any contract will definitely be your first step by the end of your trial period.

If you need any help to get the ball rolling, there is a friendly team at timetoreply ready to give you the fastest reply you have ever experienced in business!  This is one team that lives by its motto!

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