Today, the most vital channel of communication for any small to medium size business is email.

Most people would rather shoot off an email than make a call, which is why email has become the easiest way for customers to contact you via your website. Emails are easy to keep track of for your customer, and easy to follow up on once you’ve engaged them fully.

Consumers don’t want to wait too long for a response to an enquiry.  Keep them waiting too long and you’ll have missed the bus.

First impressions really do count in the online world today, and when a consumer has taken the time to email your company, the very least they expect is a quick response, letting them know you value their inquiry.

This is the first step to success is outstanding customer service, which today means responding to email enquiries as quickly as possible.

You get to impress a customer so much that you enjoy the benefits of recommendations passed on to others, which is absolutely free advertising bought by simply responding to emails quickly.

The lifeblood to sales for any small to medium business is to generate and increase leads that can be converted to sales, and nothing can generate leads like great customer service.

How timetoreply makes it easy for you to stay ahead of the competition from an easy-to-use online dashboard:

  • Precise staff email response times:

Unless you have a way of monitoring all the email inboxes at your company, there’s no way for you to know just how many emails are coming into various mailboxes at your business, or how quickly these emails are responded to by staff.

Timetoreply changes this entire picture for you. With this magical online tool, the statistics are easy to pull up at any time, to determine exactly how many emails are received and sent from individual and group email inboxes.

To complete an overall snapshot of email response times, you’ll be able to follow up on how many emails have been replied to by a customer.

  • Measure online enquiries:

For any business with a website, this is an invaluable asset. Using timetoreply filters on the dashboard keeps you updated on response times to enquiries that come in via web forms.

This also gives insight into how to tailor online marketing strategies to increase online contact from consumers.

  • Real-time reports:

The analytics displayed on the timetoreply dashboard bring all the statistics together in one place, such as time to open emails to response times, as well as customer opens and replies.  You’ll know exactly what’s happening with all emails into and out of your business.

  • Ready to take charge of email response times throughout your business?

There’s a full load of vital information at your fingertips on your timetoreply dashboard, but that’s a goodie package for you to open by taking the time to investigate exactly what timetoreply can do to give you a head start in the race to success.

Why not try a 21 day free trial that’ll open up a whole new perspective on the importance of fast email response times?  There’s a lot more to gain than lose by contacting the friendly team at timetoreply for more information today.

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