Timetoreply is an easy-to-use tool that will offer you the ability to view statistics on exactly how fast your sales team is responding to email enquiries, and in an age where email is still one of the best ways to communicate, this response time is fundamental in building great customer satisfaction levels, as well as being able to show you exactly where sales are being lost due to slow response times.

It’s quite basic really, if you take too long to respond you lose a potential customer, and the power of word of mouth works both positively and negatively, which translates to the loss of even more potential customers due to one that was left waiting too long, or perhaps had no response at all.

With the use of timetoreply you will have the statistics at your fingertips to tell you exactly how long your staff took to reply to an email enquiry as well as how well they performed with each email. You will be able to see how many emails individual agents received, replied to and exactly how long it took them to respond to each one. Armed with these statistics you are able to analyse exactly where you need to adapt your approach to boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction with increased contact rates.

With timetoreply you can view real-time reports to track your progress and improve on the reply time, completion and customer engagement rate, as well as being able to use specific filters to determine how long your agents take to reply to certain customers.

Based on the statistics provided by timetoreply, you are able to create agent leaderboards that will assist with incentivising your sales agents, as well as raise the bar in response times, which only serves to underscore the importance of applying this tool to convert enquiries into sales.

Making use of the statistics and analytics timetoreply provides you with will give a your business a hundred times better chance of contacting potential customers while you are still in their mind, which increases your chances of catching them while they are still in the frame of mind to buy.

You are welcome to try timetoreply free for up to 3 agents, our team is sure that you will soon make sure that your whole sales and marketing team are equipped and ready for action.


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