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Feature-rich, customizable Email Management Software to help you understand your customer success and support team’s business email metrics, and take action to drive and retain revenue. Tailor-made to target the exact KPIs you need. Best for Customer Support and Success teams. Measures group and individual mailbox metrics over time.

Works with all email clients.


ISO27001 and Google Security Certified

Measure Email Reply Times

Know exactly how long each mailbox takes to reply to internal or external emails with our email response time software.

Measure Individual or Group Mailboxes

Measure all new incoming emails for an individual email account or a group email address where the inquiries are sent to your sales team.

SLA Measurement

Need to measure a reply time for SLA purposes? Our software measures all incoming and outgoing mails for reply.

Monitor Email Productivity Over Time

Use our productivity report to monitor daily, monthly, or yearly email activity and view trends in mailbox behaviors.

Set Response Time Goals and KPIs

Set up leaderboards for initial reply time, overall reply time, emails sent and received, completion rates and customer engagement rates.

Powerful Report Filtering

Know exactly how long you take to respond to customer A vs customer B using our powerful report filtering.

Data At Your Fingertips

Export the data you need in PDF or Excel form. Use customized APIs to integrate into your chosen reporting dashboards with ease.

Detailed Scheduled Reports

Detailed analytics and reporting to help revenue managers support and drive their teams’ email responsiveness to inbound leads and customer emails.

View Top Interactions

See who your team members interact with most. Prioritize top customers and gauge email relationships.

track emails sent

See Each Team Member’s Total Number of Sent and Received Emails


  • Sent and received emails broken down into first emails, forwards, and replies for each team member.


  • Adjust date ranges to spot trends in increases or decreases – a great indication of inbound and outbound activity.


  • This forms part of the Comparative Report in conjunction with the average and overall time to reply graphs, as well as the internal vs external conversation graphs.

See Each Team Member’s Average Email Reply Times


  • View each team member’s average email reply times: both initial reply times and overall reply times over a date range of your choosing.


  • Use in conjunction with the email volumes data to understand your team’s workload and productivity.


  • Aim to improve reply times to outbound conversations – especially useful for those in Key Accounts, and Customer Support.
view email reply times
average reply times

Set Reply Time Goals and SLAs


  • Set an initial and overall reply time goal for each team member, and/or specific clients. Track against these goals and motivate your team to knock them out the park.


  • See who’s not hitting the mark and use this data as a springboard for coaching conversations for improvement.


  • Use SLA results for conversations and contract agreements with clients and suppliers. 

Watch timetoreply Success in action

See how timetoreply Success (our email management software) works to optimize your team’s most vital communication channel: their email.


  • Keep key clients happy
  • Provide excellent customer support
  • Set response times goals

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ISO27001 and Google Security Certified

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