There are some areas of daily business that simply don’t get enough attention, especially when you are running a smaller outfit. Take efficiency with regard to response times: have you ever taken the time to analyse the time it takes your team to respond to online and email requests? The chances are it is not high on your list of priorities, and we understand that as there are many pressing tasks you need to. Well, fortunately for you, timetoreply can help, and when you read about our simple and effective business tool we know you will be impressed.

We have devised a solution that allows you to accurately – and in real time – monitor your team and individual agents’ response times to requests, and as it runs from your existing email there is no need for expensive software downloads and updates. The timetoreply tool is already used by many customers, and has a proven track record in improving the time it takes for you to get back to potential clients, which of course means you have a greater chance of getting the business. Indeed, analysis has proven that the longer you leave, the less chance you have of keeping the lead live.

We have also included reporting facilities in the timetoreply package, and many of our users provide a regular lead table to encourage competition among their sales team. You can also display your current lead response time on your website – with real time information – which we believe increases trust between you and the client, and adds brand loyalty. As with many of our existing customers, once you begin to use timetoreply we are confident you will wonder how you ever did without it, so get in touch now – we have a live chat facility on the website and are waiting to help.

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