By making your customers wait too long for a response to an email, they will inevitably reach out to your competitors, allowing them to take the lead and scoop sales right out from under your nose.

With the fast-paced level of competition in all areas of business in the 21st Century and especially in online industry, if you don’t keep up you will be left behind, and no company can afford to lose turnover based on the simple bottom line of lackadaisical responses to email enquiry.

Emails are still the best way to drive sales and consolidate successful marketing strategies, and, if your business is driven by online sales, every slow response to an enquiry is the potential loss of business.

Timetoreply has developed an innovative and successful tool with which to measure the response time of your sales force and office support team.  There is no software to install and you will be in the position to gauge exactly how long it has taken your staff to reply to an email enquiry, as well as just how well each agent performed, from the receipt of the enquiry to the time it took to respond.

Simply using these easy metrics on the timetoreply dashboard will arm you with the ability to adapt your approach and increase contact rates, which when combined, ultimately lead to high levels of customer service and a boost in sales.

If you reply to an email enquiry while your business is still fresh in the mind of your prospective customer, you have a hundred times better chance of catching them while they are still in a buying mindset, making the investment in a timetoreply package well worthwhile.

Timetoreply can be used successfully in small to medium sales teams and large corporations, as well as lead generators and online marketers. Setting up a system of monitoring your email response times takes you to the next level in customer service and the ability to generate sales you may have lost previously.  Fast turnaround times are fundamental in turning your team into a successful sales and lead generation force to be reckoned with.

Contact our great team at timetoreply and move to the next level in boosting your sales and turnaround times now with this simple system.


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