Can you remember a time when there was no need for email management software?

Nowadays, you get so many emails that some of them slip through the cracks and get deleted by accident. This is because your client base grew and your customer service and sales enquiries developed into a full-time job. And this is exactly why you need email management software from Timetoreply.

What is email management softwar

It is software that helps you manage and organise emails so you can optimise your email process. It can track the response time of individual email accounts as well as group accounts. It works whether you have a Gmail, Yahoo, Mac Mail, Mimecast, Outlook or Ms Exchange email.

By measuring response times to emails you can get better results from your team, thus, respond to customer queries quicker. Customer service is crucial in sustaining your existing clients. If you can’t maintain your current clients, you can’t grow your business, no matter how many new customers you get.

Which email management software solution is right for my business?

There are various EMS solutions but none comes close to Timetoreply. Here’s why:

  1. Features

With our software, you can measure your team’s mailboxes as well as your web forms for sales leads. It has an extensive report system that you can showcase on your website once you’ve reached a reply time you’re proud of.

Additionally, we have a leaderboard feature that will enable you to incentivise your staff and create competition.

  1. Affordability

You might think that an email management software solution like this is extremely expensive but with Timetoreply, it’s not the case. For only $5 per month per email account, you can have all the features mentioned above. But you don’t have to trust us on this, you can see for yourself with our 14-day trial.

Grow your business by taking care of your existing customers first. Get email management software from Timetoreply today.

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