Time To Reply Terminology

All Incoming Mail

All incoming email is the total number of emails received. It consists of “new emails / enquiries” as well as incoming emails that are part of an existing conversation.

Counted as the start of a new thread (Enquiry)

An enquiry is the term we give an email that is the start of a new email conversation. So the first email in a conversation is the “enquiry”. We look at the average email response time to enquiries as well as the average email response time to all emails (enquiry + conversation emails).

All outgoing mail

The Time To Reply system only measures “replies” when it comes to outgoing emails. So if an agent writes and sends an outgoing email that is not a reply to an existing email, Time To Reply won’t track that.

All outgoing mail includes the initial reply / first reply (the reply to an enquiry) + all outgoing replies thereafter that form part of conversations.

In short it is all outgoing replies.

Average reply time: Overall mails

This is the average reply to to all incoming emails (enquiry + conversational emails).

Average reply time: As first response to enquiry

This is the average response time to all enquiries and excludes the responses to conversational emails past the first enquiry. Also referred to as the “First Response” average response time.

Customer contact rate

The customer contact rate is the rate at which a customer responds back to an agents initial reply.

Customer emails in
Agents replies
Does the customer reply back to the agent’s initial reply <—– this is the metric we are looking at for the customer contact┬árate.

Initial reply completion ratio

The ratio between a new incoming email (enquiry) and a reply from your agents.

Overall response rate

The ratio between a all incoming emails and all replies from your agents.