Every business, irrespective of the industry it represents, is looking for faster, more efficient ways with which to gain enough momentum to outdo and outshine any competitors, and technology plays a major role in providing new avenues to explore options for plotting a course for long-term success, and in the 21st century, customer service is definitely the big brass ring to reach for.

Competition has never been as fierce as it has become in recent years with the growth of the internet, and a proliferation of websites that have become the new ‘shop fronts’ for the majority of businesses – the mind-set of the current generation is that if you do not appear on any search engine, you don’t exist!

Add to this the disappearance of the old Yellow Pages and phone books, and you are looking at serious challenges if you do not have a web window to represent your services or products online, any other approach to sourcing what customers want has become too much of an effort for consumers!

Without a good system of communication, the best of which is still via email, it is going to be an uphill battle for your business to function as it should in order to reach the goals you may want to reach to create sustainable success, especially in this era when competition just keeps getting tougher!

A very simple response to the pressure of ever-increasing competition has been designed by the team at timetoreply, giving their customers the perfect tool with which to beat the competition out of the starting post, through the simple use of statistics and metrics that measure the entire role that email communication plays in moving your business to the next level on the ladder to success.

Timetoreply is the result of extensive research and has brought fantastic results for thousands of satisfied customers who rely on this innovative online tool to take control of email traffic in and out of their businesses, and it works for small to medium and large companies, without the need to install software or get sucked into any contracts!

From your timetoreply dashboard you will be able to measure individual and group mailboxes in real time online, no matter where you are.  Having insight into how quickly your staff responds to customer emails and enquiries, and how long it takes for customers to respond to these emails, makes it easy to streamline your marketing strategy in order to increase contact rates and boost sales.

How your staff responds to emails is also very important, the quality and content of quick email responses have a major influence on whether you will be able to engage the customer and turn it into a long-term relationship that will ultimately increase your lead turnover rate.

If you need a little more encouragement to check out just what timetoreply can do to increase contact and conversion rates, here are a few statistics that may give you a bit of a jolt:

78% of sales will go to the first company that responds within the first five minutes that a lead remains fresh, and as if that is not enough, your company can look forward to a 900% increase if your staff responds within those first five minutes – the research is available on the timetoreply website and elsewhere on any search engine – these statistics should be enough to convince you that timetoreply is definitely worth more than just a quick look-see if you see yourself as an industry leader not too far into the future!

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