Optimise your teams’
email performance in real-time

Install the timetoreply Optimiser add-on for Outlook and Gmail and give your team members the real-time stats they need to self-improve their email performance. Everyone wins, especially your customers and prospects.

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Instant Insights

Real-time email performance driving metrics directly in your team members’ inboxes

They’ll see:

  • Which emails are approaching a reply time threshold and the time they have left to respond to them
  • Their live email stats compared to those of any team or shared mailbox they are  part of (optional)
  • Percentage of emails they have responded to within set reply time goals (SLAs)
  • A button to mark emails that have been handled, or don’t require a reply, as ‘closed’

Instant Insights

Link your teams’ mailboxes or your whole domain in seconds.

Get instant data on:

  • Individual and shared reply time performance
  • Email volumes
  • Peak hours
  • & more

Boost Performance

  • Empower your team members to self-optimise their email performance with real-time stats

  • Optionally switch on comparative real-time stats for the teams / shared mailboxes they are part of…healthy competition drives performance

  • Self-optimising teams outperform teams who only rely on reporting and analytics

Boost Performance

Get the visibility you need from your data to boost your teams’ performance to your customers, leads and key clients.
Share your customized reports with management and team members to keep everyone on track.

Delight Customers and Improve Sales

  • Set reply time goals, beat your competition to the prize


  • Whether your team is responding to  inbound sales leads, or handling customer requests – speed and consistency matter


  • Some of our customers have improved their reply times by over 300%

Delight Customers and Improve Sales

Give customers the responsive care they deserve and help your sales teams close more deals faster with email reply time goal-setting and real-time alerts.

Get Clarity into Your Teams Mailboxes

  • Easily see which emails have been handled, which haven’t…and which ones need urgent attention


  • No more guessing which opportunities could have been won if only they’d been responded to faster;


  • Or which customers haven’t been receiving world-class attention

Optimise Email Performance in Real-time

The timetoreply Optimiser provides real-time data, live, directly to your individual team members to show them how they stack up against their team’s metrics, and also which emails in their inbox they need to attend to next to make sure no SLAs or custom goals are breached. Everyone wins, including your customers and prospects.

Get instant data on:

  • Supports real-time performance improvement.
  • Saves team managers time – fewer reporting meetings.
  • Saves team members time – showing which emails should be tackled next.
  • Saves a tonne of time by showing which emails should be addressed next based on any SLA’s or custom goals which have been set up.

Who is timetoreply for?

Customer Service

Key Account Managers

Customer Support

Sales Teams

Remote Teams

We’ve got your back. Safe and secure
for all major email providers.


We only track To, From, Subject line and timestamps.


We never read your email, we don’t have access to it.‍


Works with o365, Outlook, Google Workspace, Gmail, MS Exchange and IMAP


ISO27001 and Google Security Certified. Soc 2 and HIPAA (coming soon)


No software to install, everything is in your browser

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Performance optimisation for Outlook

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Follow these five steps and you'll get visibility into your teams' email performance, understand your current response times and email volumes, be able to set KPIs, identify areas for improvement, set alerts to ensure nothing slips through the cracks and more!

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Download the free Response Time Policy template and start putting a framework in place to improve your response time to customers.

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Shared mailboxes can be a nightmare. But follow these five ways to make managing collaborative email easier and more transparent and you can make sure that your shared inbox is transformed into a tool for your team's best work. 

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