According to one happy client, timetoreply is “An intuitive, simple (yet powerful) piece of software with excellent reporting features!  Monitoring response times has never been easier!”

Another says that since using timetoreply, their contact and conversion rates have all increased dramatically, and that every company with a website should be using this innovative tool to ensure that customers are getting the response times they deserve!

If these statements represent only two very happy timetoreply clients, imagine what software like this can do to increase conversion rates at your business!

Timetoreply works with Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, MS Exchange Server, Yahoo and more, nothing needs to be changed in terms of servers, either on your side or the clients.

Once you’ve taken a tour of the fantastic features jam-packed into your online dashboard, getting started is as straight-forward and simple as everything else is when dealing with timetoreply – the team really doesn’t want you to jump through hoops to get to the nitty gritty!

Here’s how easy it is:

  • Register free for an account online – you won’t need the credit card yet.
  • Start with a very useful 7 day free trial – just to give you an idea of the awesomeness of the features and how they work.
  • If you decide you simply can’t pass up the opportunity to continue using timetoreply, pay $29 per month for the first mailbox, and add a few extra bucks a month for each mailbox you add to your account.
  • Once you have your mailboxes set up, (it only takes a few minutes) easy instructions will have you up and ready to test your brand spanking new timetoreply dashboard!

Naturally, when you need any support or guidance, the friendly team at timetoreply will show you exactly what a fast reply really means, by getting back to you at lightning speed with support you can count on when you really need it.

Why measure individual mailboxes:

Whether you have a small or large sales team, as a business owner you’d no doubt like to know what’s happening to emails coming in to individual mailboxes to gauge whether Peter is riding on the coattails of Paul in terms of responding to emails.

It’s also a great way to incentivise teams, creating a competitive edge by throwing a leader board into the equation.  Get this all set up and the emails will be responded to before they hit the deck!

Why measure group mailboxes:

Your company website is going to have a group email address that’s used for online enquiries, such as or, and this is where many a lead could be missed.

Depending on the email traffic being generated from your website, it could be a real challenge to make sure that each email is answered or redirected to the right department in your company, especially if you want to get the response out while the lead is still hot!

Monitor email response times in your company by contacting the team at timetoreply today to get started on your free 7 day trial.  Once your dashboard is sorted out, you’ll know exactly where lost leads have gone.

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