Timetoreply is a tool that can be used across the board from small to large corporate sales teams in order to track the movement of every email or internet generated lead that comes into your office, from the moment the lead arrives to how long it has taken for a response to be generated.

Small to medium sales teams using timetoreply are able to track and improve how much time it takes for agents to reply to incoming emails, how many they reply to, how many are received on a daily basis as well as how much engagement is achieved with each client, placing sheer innovation in your hands to streamline your process to best benefit your specific goals.

In large corporations it is easy to lose track of exactly what happens to emails received, but with a tool like timetoreply, which requires no software, you will be able to judge exactly how much time it takes your staff to respond to emails, how many emails are received and replied to as well as what the quality of the engagement is with potential new clients, in addition to which you will have insight into how your staff is responding to internal emails as well as being able to measure SLA’s effectively.

Online marketers and lead generators who would like to know exactly how well leads generated by themselves are handled by their clients benefit hugely by using the timetoreply dashboard and statistics to judge how quickly leads supplied are replied to and how long it takes a client to distribute these sales leads to the correct sales agents, as well as what your client retention rate looks like when you assist them to handle their leads more effectively.

Timetoreply offers you a clearer insight into the life of email and internet leads coming into your offices and how to make the most of this knowledge to raise your profile as a reliable company that delivers service excellence right from that initial contact!

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