Track Individual Email Response Time Performance For o365 Shared Mailboxes

In order to track a shared mailbox using Time To Reply you have two options:

Option 1: Use the default “o365” option when adding a mailbox. In order to add a shared mailbox using this method, the shared mailbox needs to have an o365 license associated with it so that it has its own username and password. To avoid needing an additional license, we recommend using option 2.

Option 2: Use our o365 service level connection. To enable this option please email and we will gladly enable it for you. Once enabled, you will see a Microsoft Branded button on the Add / Remove Agents page that says “Add this to my organization”. Click on the button and you will be redirected to an o365 login page. Login using an admin user that has rights over the shared mailbox(es) that you want to track and accept the permissions.

Once you have accepted the permissions, you will be redirected back to Time To Reply. You will see a drop down with all the mailboxes on your environment. Select the mailboxes that you want to track and click “Create Agents”. Time To Reply will start tracking email response time and volume analytics for those mailboxes.

We provide two different levels of reporting for shared mailboxes:

  1. Top-Level Reporting – overall statistics for the shared mailbox as a whole
  2. Individual Performance – statistics for each person who is assigned to the shared mailbox on o365 so that you can view their individual performance as well as the top-level statistics.

In order for Time To Reply to track Individual Performance for shared mailboxes, you need to enable “send on behalf of” functionality via your o365 Admin panel.


By enabling “send on behalf of” on o365 for the users who respond via the shared mailbox Time To Reply receives and additional header in the email headers which allows us to identify “who” replied from your shared mailbox and therefore we can break down the statistics to the individual level.

Once you have done that, please email and we will enable shared mailbox reporting for your account.