With all the technology available for use in building any business, especially since email correspondence is still the most popular form of communication, it is essential that business use all tools available to keep pace with the flow of emails into and out of the business.

Timetoreply puts the best tool available at your disposal to keep track of all email traffic affecting your business, but how does this tool work?


Software designed by the innovative team at timetoreply is simple, effective and easy to use.  This software is also compatible with all email servers such as MS Exchange, IMAP, Gmail, Gsuite, Office 365, Mimecast and more.  This means that no one needs to change servers in order to use this easy tool.

Who benefits from using this tool?

Timetoreply is software that can be used by any business, from small to medium businesses, right up to large corporations – email communication is more often than not the first point of contact with a client that any business has.  This is where leads and enquiries are generated, and precisely where a lot of leads are lost due to slow email response times.

Generate a reputation for excellent customer service:

Once a potential lead comes in, your sales team has the opportunity to respond quickly enough to assure any customer that they will be dealing with a company able to offer this same level of customer service once any deal is done.

Measure your email reply times easily:

Whether you have 10, 100 or 1000 emails coming into your business daily, timetoreply makes it easy for you as a business owner, or sales manager, to have a complete overview of what happens to these emails as they come in, and just how quickly they are responded to.

A quick example:

Let’s say you have 3 sales consultants in your office, we’ll call them Peter, Paul and John just to keep it simple, and you would like to know exactly how each performs from the moment an email arrives in their inbox until the moment they send a response.

From your timetoreply dashboard online, you may find that John needs a bit of a wake-up call as his response times are lagging well behind those of the other two, and from here you will be able to take appropriate action to motivate him to keep up with the rest.

The timetoreply online dashboard:

From your timetoreply online dashboard you will have a clear idea of how long it takes for your staff to respond to incoming emails and exactly how they are responding – quality email responses will get you a lot further than generic, impersonal replies.

This is where you are also able to see exactly what happens with individual mailboxes, following the same format, in order to judge the performance of individual staff members.

Tailor your approach to emails and boost contact rates:

With the statistics and metrics available in real-time on your timetoreply dashboard in hand, you will be able to take a good look at how you could adjust and tailor the approach you take in response to incoming emails.

How you do these adjustments will ensure that contact rates with potential customers increases, which in turn can only lead to a boost in sales and a glowing level of customer satisfaction that keeps them coming back – and spreads the word about your business to countless others.

In conclusion:

There are many more benefits to using a tool like timetoreply to drive the success of your business, and for that it would be well worth your time to take a thorough tour through all the features offered by this online tool to establish just how much it can assist you to convert leads into sales, without breaking a sweat.

Contact timetoreply today to find out more about this ground-breaking tool for measuring email response times, and, depending on the amount of individual and group email boxes you would like to monitor, chat to the team to put together the most cost-effective solution for taking your business yet another rung up the ladder of success.

One very important point needs to be mentioned here: timetoreply protects your data totally, their own excellent reputation demands this level of protection for all their clients!

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