The modern day business is driven by digital communication; email enquiries are a major part of any medium sized business these days, and undoubtedly make up a great deal of your orders.

Being able to respond quickly to email enquiries is a vital part of ensuring you get the custom you need, and at timetoreply we have a clever little solution to help you respond faster. Quick response times are vital and a metric that our solution can measure for your business.

Did you know that – according to research – replying to an email enquiry within five minutes of receipt gives you a 100 times greater chance of qualifying the lead than if you leave it until later? With modern smartphones and other devices, there is no excuse for not replying even when on the move. With timetoreply in place you can monitor how well your team are responding in real time. Being able to do so gives you the ability to see which of your agents are performing well and who is performing badly.

At timetoreply we have created a powerful tool that will help any business (small, medium or large) advance their standing in the market; many have already done so, and we also believe that the investment in the system will be repaid via increased sales very quickly.

If you are looking to monitor and incentivise your sales team based on their email performance, why not give timetoreply a try (free up to 3 agents). Get in touch with us right now and we will be happy to talk to you in more detail, and get the ball rolling for better, faster response.

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