Email meter alternatives: 4 of the best options in 2023


Despite the growing popularity of social media and other communication platforms, email remains the most effective customer service and retention channel, and a mighty effective customer acquisition tool.

One McKinsey study found that email was 40 times more effective at customer acquisition than social media, while a US study of small and medium businesses (SMBs) found that almost 80% of SMBs believe email is their most important customer acquisition and retention channel.

Companies that use an email analytics tool can gain a wealth of useful and actionable insights into the performance of their customer-facing and sales teams, helping them close gaps and improve acquisition and retention rates.

An email analytics tool can also help organizations identify any internal bottlenecks that are hampering their customer engagement and sales efforts. This can help optimize their email activities and improve their productivity to drive bottom-line impact.

For teams operating in the Gmail and Google Workspaces environment, Email Meter is a valuable tool that provides insights into the performance of individuals, teams and organizations regarding their email activities.

However, is Email Meter the correct fit for your organization? Do you need a tool that can integrate with your non-Gmail environment? Are data security and privacy concerns top of mind, and does Email Meter meet your high standards and help ease your compliance efforts?

In this guide, we are taking a closer look at Email Meter and weighing up its pros and cons against a number of its key competitors, including Freshdesk, Front, EmailAnalytics and our solution timetoreply.

By the time you finish reading this, we hope you will have all the data and insights you need to make an informed decision over which email analytics solution is best for your organization.

What does Email Meter offer?

Email Meter is an email statistics platform for individuals, teams and enterprises operating in the Gmail and Google Workspaces email environments.

It connects to a team’s mailboxes and generates data and insights that can help organizations make better decisions, tracking response times, email volumes, productivity, workload and more.

For teams and managers, Email Meter offers real-time data on how team members are performing against the rest of their team and broader industry benchmarks.

An enterprise offering provides a customized email statistics dashboard tailored to each organization’s needs, as well as a domain-level Google Workspace installation to onboard the entire organization more easily.

Just like timetoreply, Email Meter also offers high levels of privacy and security, including ISO27001 certification and simplified GDPR compliance.

While it can be a useful tool for teams working in Google’s email environment, Email Meter provides no support for other email platforms, and integrations with other solutions are limited to reporting tools that plug into PowerBI.

Email Meter helps organizations track response times and other important email KPIs, but so does timetoreply, which also offers greater flexibility into the filters applied to key metrics as well as easier integration with CRM systems.

Reports are also only generated on a weekly or monthly basis so teams seeking real-time, daily reporting capabilities may be frustrated with Email Meter.

If you need an email analytics solution that can deliver insights across a broad range of email behaviours and actions and integrate with your email environment of choice, it may be time to consider one of Email Meter’s competitors.

Best Email Meter alternative review: timetoreply

timetoreply is a SaaS tool for sales, support and customer success teams wishing to improve their response times and enhance sales efforts.

Unlike other email analytics tools, timetoreply works with any email client, service, or device to analyze header data and provide the stats you need on email reply times and volumes, regardless of whether your teams use Outlook, IMAP or Gmail.

Request a timetoreply demo today to see if it’s the right fit for your organization.

“We have seen response times in particular groups go from 7 hours to 2 hours with the timetoreply data. This is getting information to our partners quicker and streamlining the way we work.” Kyra Augustus, Director of Partner Support – Central at Telarus

What are the best Email Meter alternatives in 2023?

1. timetoreply (recommended)

timetoreply mailbox leader board

timetoreply offers organizations powerful plug-and-play email analytics that can integrate with any email platform and instantly start generating actionable insights.

Our platform connects to your teams’ mailboxes to measure email reply times and empower you with the clarity you need to make fast, accurate decisions over your customer-facing and sales activities.

Setup is easy: simply link the inboxes you want to track in a few easy steps and start receiving data and insights into a broad range of valuable metrics via an easy-to-use dashboard.

Companies using timetoreply gain insight into individual and shared email reply performance, email volumes, peak hours and more. This insight will help you boost the performance of your customer-facing and sales teams, ensuring your customers get the care they need and your sales teams can close deals more quickly.

Add our high levels of security and regulatory compliance as well as a powerful public API that unlocks a world of third-party integrations, and timetoreply will just transform your sales and customer service capabilities quickly and affordably.

Key features:

  • Email analytics that provide granular detail and powerful reporting capabilities for individual, shared or team mailboxes, including:
    • total conversations
    • internal conversations
    • inbound and outbound conversations
    • conversations with replies
    • completion ratio
    • average initial reply time
    • average overall reply time
    • domain or SLA reporting that tracks how well your team is responding to emails from a specific domain
  • Email management software that enables you to:
    • see exactly how many emails you need to reply to and how long each email has been awaiting a reply
    • track total business email volumes
    • close email conversations from your inbox without the need for a separate ticketing system
    • track average email reply times and make improvements in the speed at which your team replies
    • optimize your email communications with actionable reports, proactive alerts and improved email response times
  • Easy integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook to bring powerful analytics and reporting to your business email communication
  • Easy integration with Gmail and Google Workspaces can quickly deliver actionable analytics on your team’s email response times without any integration or sharing of confidential information.


timetoreply offers affordable and convenient pricing options to suit the needs of teams of any size, with monthly or discounted annual payment options.

For smaller companies with five to ten customer-facing team members, the Starter package will enable them to get started with:

  • Core email analytics
  • 4 report types
  • dashboard access for one user
  • 3 scheduled reports
  • alerts (20 per mailbox per month)
  • Data export to PDF
  • Cost of $16 per mailbox per month

For larger teams of more than ten people that want access to enhanced reporting capabilities and convenient data export, the Pro package is ideal. Our Pro package offers all the benefits of the Starter package, as well as:

  • An additional 6 report types (for a total of 10)
  • An additional 4 users with dashboard access (for a total of 5)
  • An additional 17 scheduled reports (for a total of 20)
  • An additional 30 alerts per mailbox per month (for a total of 50)
  • Team level reporting
  • Shared and team mailboxes
  • Leave management
  • Data export to CSV/Excel
  • Cost of $25 per mailbox per month

For large or growing teams, our Elite package offers the full suite of timetoreply functionality as well as access to BI tools via our API. Elite users have access to all of the Pro functionality as well as:

  • An additional 45 dashboard users (for a total of 50)
  • An additional 40 scheduled reports (for a total of 60)
  • An additional 50 alerts per mailbox per month (for a total of 100)
  • API access with virtually unlimited API calls
  • Cost of $34 per mailbox per month

All three of the above packages offer a 15-day free trial without the need for credit cards, giving you the flexibility to test the power of our platform without any risk.

In addition, an Enterprise package is available for teams of at least 50 mailboxes, with a comprehensive enterprise support plan that includes 24-hour support, SLA guarantees, customization and onboarding and training support.



Frustrated with Email Meter? Try timetoreply for free

2. EmailAnalytics


EmailAnalytics is similar to Email Meter in that it allows organizations to visualize their team’s email activity within Google Workspaces. The solution measures email activity with a view to improving response times.

For teams working exclusively within Google Workplaces, EmailAnalytics can be a useful tool to help improve email response times.

However, it is limited to Google’s environment and the service does not extend to other email platforms. Data is stored in Google Cloud, but other solutions including timetoreply can also offer a Google Cloud-hosted solution.

EmailAnalytics also does not provide any integrations with other services, and aspects such as message logs and alerts are not yet available. Security is not as robust as many of its competitors which may create some unease, especially among larger enterprise customers or security-conscious small and medium enterprises.

If you are looking for an email analytics solution that can integrate with any email environment and deliver insights into a broad range of email behaviours and actions, you may need to look at some of EmailAnalytics’ competitors.


  • No software to install and no credit card details required (this is also true for timetoreply)
  • Enables teams to measure email response times (similar to timetoreply)
  • Useful analytics and insights for teams working in Gmail and Google Workspaces
  • Offers insights into the words typed per minute per team member (although it is arguable how useful this is to teams)


  • Only for Gmail and Google Workspaces, so not suited to teams that operate on any other email platform
  • No email logs for deeper analysis and compliance (timetoreply offers message logs that enable organizations to dive even deeper into minute details of their performance or ease compliance)
  • Lack of integration with third-party software solutions (leaving organizations seeking greater integration between various business productivity and analytics solutions to find an alternative solution)
  • Lacks the high levels of data privacy and security offered by timetoreply and other platforms

Looking for the best alternative to EmailAnalytics? Try timetoreply for free

3. Front


Front is a customer communication platform that combines emails, apps, and teammates into a single view to allow companies to communicate effectively with their customers.

Front offers custom automated workflows and improved collaboration to prevent duplication of tasks while ensuring customer requests are handled quickly and efficiently.

By storing all emails in a single place, Front enables users to quickly notify teammates when their input is needed in internal conversations. Companies can also connect as many inboxes, SMS, or social accounts as they like.

Like timetoreply, Front measures email response times and tracks trends in customer communication through email analytics.

This solution works best for teams that want to handle customer communication from a single, shared inbox.

Front gives companies powerful analytics into the email performance of their customer-facing support teams but having to move all email communications into a single platform is not for everyone.

Front was also not designed with sales teams in mind so companies looking for insights and productivity improvements within their customer-facing sales teams will need to look elsewhere.


  • For any size of team, from 5 to 5000 users
  • Measures email response times
  • Analytics reveal trends in customer communication and team workloads
  • Great for teams working off a shared inbox
  • Encourages real-time collaboration to reduce bottlenecks
  • Allows for automated custom workflows that free teams up to focus on keeping customers happy
  • Secure with industry-standard encryption
  • Compliant to GDPR, SOC 2 and other governance requirements
  • Integration with 100+ apps
  • Offers open APIs for further customization


  • Not designed for sales teams
  • Requires all email communication to move to single platform
  • Significant change management required
  • Not all organizations prioritize collaboration when seeking email analytics solutions
  • Lacks integration with some apps
  • Can become pricy when scaling up for a growing team

Looking for the best alternative to FrontApp? Try timetoreply for free

3. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is an online cloud-based customer service software solution that provides companies with help desk support and offers several smart automations to help companies resolve customer requests more quickly.

The platform is ideal for B2C brands that receive a high number of incoming requests and is a popular choice among companies that are scaling and looking to boost customer engagement and improve customer management.

Freshdesk offers analytics across the customer lifecycle to help organizations make business-critical decisions around every customer touchpoint.

Freshdesk allows integration of social media accounts, support phone numbers, live chat, and website conversations to provide support teams with a single view of all incoming requests, regardless of the channel from which they arrive.

It remains a popular choice for companies that want to scale their customer service capabilities as they grow. However, if all you are looking for is insights into your email productivity and helpful email analytics, Freshdesk’s extensive list of features and all-in approach is probably not for you.


  • Ideal for B2C brands receiving high numbers of customer requests
  • Smart automations help resolve customer requests more quickly
  • Good for collaborative customer service
  • Integrates social media, phone numbers, live chat, and website conversations for single view of customer requests
  • Great for companies looking to scale customer service capabilities
  • Messaging enables easy engagement via customer channel of choice
  • AI-powered chatbots help guide customers to resolve queries


  • Not built to provide support to sales teams
  • Infrastructure investment required to migrate email activity to Freshdesk
  • Can be a steep learning curve for new users
  • Limited reporting features
  • Customizing reports requires extensive product knowledge and training
    More suited to B2C companies

Looking for the best alternative to Freshdesk? Try timetoreply for free

Choosing the best Email Meter alternative: timetoreply

So, what are the best Email Meter alternatives for your business? If you are looking for powerful insights into the performance of your teams’ email activities and want the freedom of using any mail platform as well as the peace of mind of world-class data privacy and security, then timetoreply is the platform for you.

EmailAnalytics provides helpful insights into teams’ performance but is limited to Gmail and Google Workspaces. Its lack of integration with third-party applications and lower levels of security may force privacy-oriented organizations to seek alternatives.

Freshdesk is a great option for a full-scale customer service desk transformation and offers analytics across the customer lifecycle. However, it was not designed for sales teams and requires extensive integration and adoption to unlock its full benefits. If you are simply seeking powerful insights into your team’s email performance, Freshdesk is overkill.

Front empowers organizations with insights into the email performance of their customer-facing support teams but requires that all email communication moves to its platform. This requires additional change management and cost, and since it is not designed for sales teams may not be to everyone’s taste.

For companies seeking actionable insights into the email performance of their sales and customer service teams, timetoreply is the best option.

timetoreply’s world-class security and easy compliance with a broad range of global data and privacy regulations ensure your teams remain compliant and your data remains safe.

With a quick deployment and no-risk trial period, as well as a public API that unlocks endless possibilities for third-party integrations, timetoreply is the best solution for improving your sales and customer service email efforts.


Request a timetoreply demo today to find out if this is the right solution for your business.

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