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With timetoreply Remote you get daily snapshots of your remote team’s productivity and workload. No interruption to workflow. No intrusive ‘spyware’ software. Just the clean email metrics you need to support your remote team when they need it most.

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Why should remote teams use an email analytics tool like timetoreply Remote?


For a workplace to run effectively, transparency about productivity and workload is key. However, when your team is working remotely (or spread out around the world) this isn’t easy to understand.

Timetoreply Remote helps you support and monitor the productivity of your remote working team by measuring their activity over their most widely used communication tool – email. This helps remote teams stay on track, without you having to introduce unfamiliar tools or ways of working. You’ll also get the daily reports sent directly to you, so there’s no searching for anything lost in the confusion.

Monitor your remote team efficiency

See Email Volumes

See how many emails were sent and received in a day per mailbox, as well as the trend for the previous 7 days.

Track Email Conversations

See how many conversations each mailbox is a part of, how many conversations are waiting for a reply and how many have been completed.

View Average Email Reply Times

See how long your staff take to reply to emails. See their average First Reply Time, Overall Reply Time, and their response time trend over the last 7 days.

Track Responsiveness

View what % of emails have been responded to in under 30min, 60min, 4 hours, etc. Set your own reply time bands and improve your staff’s responsiveness to emails – a great springboard into more general productivity discussions with your staff.

Set Response Time Goals

Set goals and reward staff based on their activity and email reply times. View the time that the first emails and last emails were sent in a day, compare the number of emails sent inside and outside of business hours, as well as each staff member’s average number of emails sent and received per hour.

Teams and Customer Groups

Group staff into teams, and create customer groups to see how different teams are performing and how your business is responding to your customers.

Schedule Reports

Schedule customized reports to be sent to you (or anyone else) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Control Your Data

Use filters to include or exclude certain emails and other data from being counted in the reports, for greater accuracy and clarity.

View Message Logs

View the message logs to see the time it took for each reply in a conversation (your reply times and your customers’ reply times).

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